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Ingersoll Rand Security win another leader in China's civil aviation airport projects

     January 14, 2011, the world's leading diversified industrial company Ingersoll Rand's Security Technologies and its new international airport in Kunming Command headquarters in the newly completed office building conference center

    Security System held a grand signing ceremony. Kunming New International Airport Construction Headquarters Wu Fan commander, swing chain deputy commander to the cedar and the ministries, at the leadership, and system integration of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies general manager of China Miss Wu Dong, Li Hongbo, vice president of civil aviation (Pok Hong systems ) have all attended the signing ceremony. The contract not only marks the successful completion of Ingersoll-Rand, following Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou hub airport security system construction, the success of winning a national integrated system of four airport security projects; also marks the company following the win Chongqing Airport three,iron chain Changsha airport expansion, Chaoshan airport expansion, once again won the airport security gate hardware projects to become the undisputed strength of China's civil aviation security professional leader in the field.
    The Ingersoll-Rand for the new Kunming International Airport the first security system including video surveillance, access control and intrusion alarm three systems. It is reported that the process of building the airport, the two sides will also assist the work area on the airport and airport perimeter security system, alarm system to work more in-depth cooperation. In addition, the airport gate as the designated supplier of hardware products and services, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies will provide 2,000 to the Airport Terminal American Standard Schlage ? locks, 6,000 American Standard Falcon ? and LCN ? closure Door control and set American Standard Falcon ? 1000 escape device, so that the Ingersoll-Rand the world's leading security technology solutions for the new Kunming international airport to provide comprehensive security.

    Ceremony, where the commander Wu Kunming Airport Construction Headquarters representatives made a statement, fully affirmed the Kunming Airport and the prospects for cooperation Ingersoll Rand, and Ingersoll-Rand airport security in recent years in the field of Civil Aviation of China's achievements in giving a high degree of praise, also about to begin large-scale race against time to fight for the peak rate of construction of the airport, the company made a series of strict requirements and high hopes. Li Hongbo, vice president of civil aviation, also on behalf of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies to the Kunming airport to give the company the confidence and support expressed heartfelt thanks, and expressed the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies is committed to playing a security system at Kunming Airport a model for civil aviation airport projects confidence and determination.

    Following on from the Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport after the country's fourth largest airport, Kunming new international airport terminal with 54 million square meters, is the largest single terminal. The success of the new Kunming international airport contract, and further established in the domestic civil aviation industry in the Ingersoll-Rand's leadership in security and to a higher level in the industry, laying a more solid foundation.

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