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Apple's supply chain staff in China for the first time recognized disability due to pollution

    According to "Beijing Morning Post" reported on February 15, 2010, Apple announced a progress report on supplier responsibility, the first public recognition of China's supply chain employees disabled due to pollution.

    Reported that Apple's suppliers Wintek Suzhou plant, 137 workers exposed to hexane for the environment, health adversely affected.swing chain It is understood that 137 workers, some employees are being forced to leave the pressure.

    Environmental groups question the apple.

    2010, 36 environmental groups to promote the domestic IT industry to solve pollution problems, and 29 rounds of communication and IT brands.iron chain One, "IT industry heavy metal pollution research report (Phase IV) Apple Special" on Apple's supply chain safety, supply chain, environmental protection, employee rights and dignity of the supply chain challenge, urging Apple announced the supply chain information, Suzhou joint construction and operation of permanent hardware technology company employees to respond to hexane poisoning.

    Previously, Apple has been evasive strategy.

    Apple acknowledged the "poison."

    February 15, 2010, Apple announced a progress report on supplier responsibility, for the first time to respond.

    The progress report on supplier responsibility for up to 25 pages, devotes a chapter to explain the use of hexane: "In 2010, we learned that Apple's suppliers Wintek Suzhou plant (ie, build science and technology), 137 workers exposed to hexane for environmental, health, adversely affect the ... ... We ask Wintek stop using n-hexane, and provide evidence that the chemical has been removed from the production line. also asked them to restore the ventilation system. Since taking the above measures since no workers were exposed to chemical damage. "

    At the same time, Apple said it had verified all of the affected employees have been successfully treated, "We will continue to check workers in the medical records until they have fully recovered. Wintek Electronics is in accordance with the requirements of Chinese law and rehabilitation for sick workers The workers of the medical expenses paid and meals, replacement of wages. 137 most of the workers have returned to the factory. "

    Some employees were forced to leave.

    However, reporters learned of the latest situation, with Apple reporting discrepancies. 137 workers, some employees are being forced to leave the pressure.

    Last night a telephone interview with reporters, build technology and Hu Zhiyong Gu Jingchuan affected employees. Gujing Chuan said that at 11:00 on February 11, he received the joint construction of the company responsible for poisoning people in charge of the phone down that results have been identified, nine of occupational diseases. At the same time, the supervisor asked him what time to leave, because "companies do not leave without compensation."

    Prevention of occupational diseases under the Chinese law, the employer shall not repaying the victims of staff. Jia Jingchuan continue to work in the company insisted: "I'm afraid my condition continued to deteriorate, if we leave the company, their health is left unprotected." Hu Zhiyong ten were identified as disabled, he said, after giving the company some form of treatment that he has healed, but he did not want to leave. He also admits that the company has improved the working environment, they work for some time, can be ventilated to the outside break.



    Is a manufacturing process used to clean some of the components used in chemicals, volatile fast, so a supplier for staff to use it to clean the Apple logo on Apple products. But the strong toxicity of chemicals.

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