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Participation in a proper way how to deal with hardware companies show the economy?

    Fruitful economic income, clank instance playback. The face of the exhibition "everywhere" phenomenon, as the hardware business, "helm" how targeted, rational response is placed on the many "metal man" before the need to solve the problem.

    Status: push bar every development must show participation.

    Mould Exhibition, swing chain Furniture, Bathroom Exhibition, exhibition kitchen, electrical and mechanical hardware development ... ... the exhibition is almost filled with people of the optic nerve, it also becomes the "hardware man" a staple of conversation.

    Hardware mechanical and electrical products as the import and export power, the number of China's export of electromechanical products metal exports accounted for more than half. Therefore, the exhibition will naturally become a good "marriage,"iron chain the carrier, accelerate and promote sound and rapid development of hardware industry.

    As a new industry nowadays, the exhibition of a city, a region of great role in promoting economic development. A survey shows that if the revenue to do the show is "1", then the accommodation, catering, transport, communications, tourism, trade and other related revenues will reach "9." This also led to many regions and enterprises are keen to do the exhibition.

    As we all know, the exhibition for enhancing corporate image, display their products and promote the exchange companies have a very good role, many companies get through growth of the exhibition again and again. So, faced with an array of exhibitions, many enterprises will adopt "every development must reference" approach.

    Problem: uneven blindly follow the trend.

    China National Hardware Fair surely we are all familiar with, it is called a national hardware industry, "barometer", is the world's hardware development a "chart", each year attracts a large number of domestic and international hardware companies competing exhibitors.

    Recently, I show the investment transactions from the group learned that, so far, has 1331 booths of domestic and foreign enterprises to apply for 1794, special booth area of 9840 square meters, higher than the number of programs this year, highlights " far from adequate "hot scenes.

    However, for some unknown small-scale show, compared to other "graces" show, it appears that much deserted. Experts point out that, according to a senior exhibition, "the exhibition have made a lot of 'never ending' slogan, but more difficult to achieve only in the expression of an ideal of everything!"

    Show like a magnetic tremendous magnet, attracting many companies to exhibitors. Far behind many enterprises, regardless of their own conditions, blindly follow the trend, the results of more harm than good, less effective.

    Analysis: Baotuan heating rational exhibitors.

    With the proliferation of signs all over the show emission, we should ponder: how to make the show to become high "gold content"? How to exhibitors, "learn from" success?

    First, Baotuan heating. To do the "old" show, as the contractor who will continue to accumulate energy. Show as products, stress is placed on quality. Uneven response to the current status of the exhibition, the organizers should consider "Baotuan" type of cooperation to create a win-win situation. In addition, this streamlined approach also complies with the current era of "low carbon" trend.

    Second, the reason the exhibition. Show the economy may "ignite" a company's operational efficiency, of course, the same blindness of the participating companies will make deep "mud" at home. Therefore, the hardware companies participating in the early stage of the decision, be sure to measure the show's own "light intensity", and the company's marketing strategy, branding and exhibition display and whether the "harmony."

    Exhibition Marketing - Hardware enterprises to expand the market a razor. How to make good, to rely on "hardware people" own "eye" and related sector organizations recognize the reasonable regulation.

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