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Hardware capital of China Daily Hardware father of three high-pressure environment encountered difficulties upgrade

   Daily Hardware is a traditional pillar industries, Danzao Town. According to information provided by the town government Web site, where the product accounted for 70% of the market, more than 50% of the products exported.
    After several decades of development, swing chain formed a danzao as the center, the radiation surrounding the annual output value of 200 billion hardware industry circle. Up to now, more than 2,500 large and small gathered here in the hardware business, manufacturing buttons, zippers, locks, kitchen utensils, lamps and other products.

    Nanhai District, Foshan City is located west of the town because of Danzao Taoist Master Ge Hong Jin left in this alchemy, named after the legend of the stove. In 2004, it had "hardware capital of China Daily,"iron chain the award. This ultimately Xu credit. Known as the "Father of Danzao hardware", he run the 60s in the last century played a Danzao first metal works, in its lead, Danzao hardware companies everywhere.

    However, Xu who is experiencing an unusually severe test, but to save thousand wages 85-year-old Xu is still pumping 3 packs of cigarettes a day. He misses his heart metal processing plant, this year, he has not received an order. Difficult to recruit workers, raw material prices, declining export profits. Eyesight and hearing are subject to years of erosion Xu, and even played himself as a factory mechanic, as this can save over two thousand yuan a month's wages.

    Danzao "hardware" Father of the problem.

    February 17, "Daily News" reporter in the hardware industry Danzao Town, Nansha village of origin to see, dotted with rural house full of workshops in the hardware business. Hum of the machines could be heard everywhere. Eventually finding inquiries, in an unassuming little building, Xu processing plants in front of reporters.

    Than 30 square meters in the small room arrayed more than a dozen machines, semi-finished products of iron buckle stacked near the door of the place. Xu cigarette in hand, the only front teeth are black and yellow smoke stains Xunde. No name in this metal processing plant, there are no other workers, Xu's wife is past men working next to the machine, she will complain from time to time a: Business is now.

    Xu who runs the village's largest metal factory in Nansha. 13 years old, he started doing metal apprentice, proficient in the village the first related to technical personnel. 60s of last century, in his active planning, the village's first opened up the smooth metal factory.

    "When the largest factory has 127 workers." Xu told the "Daily News" reporter, but now, he only hired two or three temporary workers. Have not received one this year because he did not call for the workers over.

    Xu felt much more Nanzhuan. "High wages, and materials are also expensive, but difficult to increase the final price of the product." In order to reduce costs, his wife, and he served as the first-line workers. "The wages of skilled workers a month to 2,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan, invited worthwhile." Grew older, increasingly slim profit margins, making it bigger yard then do not want to Xu. "Do not want to do little more than profit."

    Profit was down a further hardware enterprises generally felt Danzao status quo. Danzao Town Economic Development Office Mak Yong told the "Daily News" reporter, Danzao metal industry's average profit is only 5% to 7%. The Foshan Hardware Industry Association, said Yao, while in Kosovo, many companies have about 3% as long as the profits will be receiving orders.

    Nanhai District, Foshan City, Danzao a metal factory, general manager of Pan Jie leap year that four or five years ago, and 20% of corporate profits, has now dropped to below 10%. "Can not increase, no increase was made."

    Most of the town's hardware industry Danzao to produce parts mainly, the lack of independent brands, homogeneous competition severe, many companies lack bargaining power, in the high CPI, the new high costs and high exchange rate environment, the pressure is increasing large.

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