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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

« Iron ore giant "meat" iron and steel enterprises lack the right to speak Steel prices in the Steel Association recognize the unity and bargaining mechanism was abandoned mine »

Breakthrough bodyguards socket products distributors prospectus -----

    Beginning of this year, recalled the year 2010, we may harvest, we might regret, we may succeed, we may fail, but it is not important, important is the new year for new opportunities?

    2011 Electric will bring you a breakthrough new business opportunities, new revenue model bodyguard outlet ------ breakthrough product: mobile socket, rack power outlet, OPDU and other products.

    Breakthrough Company:

    Breakthrough Electric Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing in 1995, the company specializes in the integration of electrical and electronic interconnection industry, investment, development, manufacturing, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, is the electrical accessories Standardization Technical Committee,swing chain the National Standardization Technical Committee on Lightning Protection, the National Arrester Standardization Technical Committee, the National Electrical Safety Standardization Technical Committee, the national electric and electronic products and systems environment, environmental design standards committee sub-units of key members of the Technical Committee is mine / converter / plug / socket products unit of the national standards ,iron chain China Communications Standards Association, the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, electrical accessories and home control branch member.

    A renowned quality brand in the industry.

    A mature market opportunities at hand.

    Committed to a healthy partner.

    Profit opportunities:

    Good brand image and quality products, the mature consumer market, are the conditions for profitable enterprise, as long as the election of a product, you will profit, it will make money.

    As we all know, computer prices increasing transparency, profits are steadily supplies accessories, high-end computer market promising dedicated power outlet. Now there are so favorable opportunities for cooperation, there is no reason not to try?


    Invested 20,000 yuan in the first normal point of sale profits will be able to guarantee about 30%.

    At the same time a breakthrough in vendor support:

    1, 5000 presented a breakthrough product.

    2, to give civilian series of standing items return within 6 months of support,

    3, giving business gifts notebook 50, the mouse pad 100,

    4, presented more than 100 products, promotional materials,

    5, get one to one business representative responsible for your orders, reconciliation, logistics, technical solutions,

    6, to provide training materials and on-site training and marketing guidance,

    Joined conditions:

    1, with some industry background, with its own customers in key industries and has maintained good business relations and hopes to obtain the full support of manufacturers. Preferably office supplies, gifts, hardware, IT products business experience, such as being agents of other brand outlets, manufacturers will break through a special program.

    2 with a registered capital of 10 million or more, but also has good business reputation and a certain economic strength.

    3, can provide information related audit firms, and by breaking the system audit;

    4, willing to break through common development and seek business opportunities, implementation of the company uniform service standards and maintain brand image;

    5, strict compliance with the market order, to avoid price competition;

    6, the limit of Tianjin.

    Welcome to the breakthrough in our distributors, transfer Hotline :010 -52223661 user department.

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