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Doors of corporate brand marketing, how to "activate" the market?

    Any timber companies want to win in the brand strategy, we must focus on brand development. The future will become increasingly fierce marketing competition wooden doors, wooden doors only in the marketing business to take sensible and pragmatic strategy, and constantly innovate in order to impress consumers with good performance, establish their brand image.

    I say here is mainly carried out by branding marketing innovation. Marketing innovation is tightly grasp the premise of marketing 4P: product,swing chain price, channel, promotion, is to subject marketing, event marketing and experiential marketing and other innovative marketing concept introduced organic integration.

    Now the level of corporate marketing of wooden doors at an early stage, innovative marketing has just begun to imitate and explore. Take Jinzhu like Karl Olympic triumph that matter, "Zuo Dengbao Cup" Mumen design competitions, such public relations marketing was emerging, in this, the proposed business as possible in the choice of marketing options to go breaking, innovative the line, to avoid imitation of others, iron chain so that the brand quality compromised. Here are some marketing models + profit model of the innovative ways:

    Preparing for regular promotions.

    Promotion is not a panacea, but no promotion is not acceptable. Promotion is a double-edged sword, operating well, corporate profits, and operating well, affect the brand image, loss of consumer confidence. I believe that there are four promotions to do well to note: First, the preparation should be sufficient; the second is not price competition, price wars so fragile dealers, the wooden enterprises in the economic crisis is more sad; third promotion should be creative; four is the manufacturers and distributors to interact with the double discount, the ones who enjoy the benefits to consumers.

    The commonly used discount, promotional gift category accounted for more than 50% of promotions, the key to using these different methods, such as the purchase of wooden gift coupons, personalized home gifts, creative gifts of small appliances, the Asian Games Tickets gift, presented to the insurance policy are more creative. In addition, the concept of marketing, product bundling promotions, zero profit single style of promotion, advertising and promotion, event promotion, is also a good choice.

    Formation of strategic marketing alliance to expand the brand tension.

    Brand integration such as Sichuan doors alliance strategy; macro-resistant flooring, tile Mona Lisa, Italian style furniture, TATA doors, Florence radiator, the EU sent kitchen cabinets, bathroom set up home eight Wrigley brands have made significant alliances effect. This model allows businesses to gain competitive advantage in a short time, and brand awareness. The form of alliances with the industry can be differentiated brand alliances, cross-industry alliances, supply and demand can also be partners in the upstream and downstream alliances, through engaging in interactive marketing, resource sharing, improved customer awareness, creating performance and brand resonance.

    To develop online marketing and mobile marketing.

    Network Marketing has a wide range of fast, low cost, the scale of any enterprise are not subject to its absolute limit, have equal access to information and equality to show their advantages. It enables the rapid expansion of small business visibility, e-marketing network is a private small and medium enterprises "weapon." Taobao transactions for the year 2007 the total exceeded 43.31 billion yuan, a figure more than China Resources Vanguard (379 million) and Carrefour (248 million). Approximation Lianhua Supermarket stores nationwide 3913 the total turnover in 2006 - 440 billion, or even approaching the three transnational retail giant Wal-Mart (150 million), Carrefour (24.8 billion) and easily Lotus (13.5 billion ) the sum of sales in China. This fully shows that the network marketing momentum. Especially in the economic crisis, each ordinary consumers are actively looking to address the financial crisis, "micro measures" will be more consumer demand to the network to become the choice of many people, online shopping has also ushered in the best development opportunity Small wooden enterprises must seize this moment. China Building Materials first network, the focus of home network, the Chinese buy nets, Chinese wooden net, Alibaba is the relatively well-known network platform, you can choose to use.

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