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Yongkang electric tool industry veteran heavy metal youth Hwan

    I recently learned from relevant departments of Yongkang City, the local domestic electric tools in 2010 export situation is gratifying, more than 200 manufacturers of electric tools, electric tools whole annual production of 77.5 million units,swing chain an increase of 23%.

    According to statistics, the city a total of more than 200 power tool manufacturer, the city's annual production of electric machine tools 77.5 million units, up 23%; annual output value of 8.15 billion yuan, up 21.2%; sold 75.18 million units, an increase of 22%; sales revenue 7.96 billion yuan, up 21.1%; of which exports amounted to 53.83 million units, up 10.9%.

    iron chain It is understood that, in recent years, Yongkang electric tool industry attaches great importance to corporate brand building, increasing science and technology, develop new products. Electric tools series products developed from the original dozen to 50 kinds of product specifications from the past 80 increased to more than 200 to achieve a small power tools from a single product to diversified, large-scale, modern scale technology, innovative products of the power tool into the direction, and quickly occupied the commanding heights of the market. Meanwhile, the company is gradually upgrading the standard sense, the enterprise has been in the standard setting process from the previous passive to active participation in the implementation began to change.

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