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Second five: to develop high-quality tool steel made

    In recent years, China's steel demand is growing at a rate of 20%, but no significant production growth of mold steel, mold industry in China in 2010 sales of 112 billion yuan, and each host hundreds of billions of large enterprises mold value, and die steel production in China in 2010 reached 100 million tons of capacity is not compared to the next, it is incompatible.

    International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luobai Hui said, "Twelve Five"swing chain with the mold during the diversification of large, precision, and the development trend of pre-hardened mold steel production process requires, the general to the high purity degrees, higher directional, high toughness, high uniformity of direction, mold steel, special steel enterprises in the development area should be greater efforts made to develop high-quality mold material.

    R & D efforts of domestic mold steel needed to increase.

    China's manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luobai Hui pointed out that the next 5 to 10 years, automobileiron chain , chemical, and electronics industry is developing rapidly, will drive the development of machines, and mold manufacturing industry as a mechanical parts products molding process is to advance the development of equipment, which will mold material from the smelting production quality, production process and heat treatment technology to bring development of space. However, due to mold new materials, intellectual property rights less low life die, die hard to find a reliable company made a new mold to replace imported steel mold steel. Domestic high-quality, high life hot die steel the development of new steel grades and promotion in a state of relative stagnation.

    With the continued development of China's mold industry for high-grade steel imports rising mold, mold steel is expected to substantial growth in imports will, in particular, part of the mold cavity die steel in a short time is difficult to change the pattern of imports, China Die steel imports were mainly from Japan, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Korea and other countries. According to the International Mould & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association metal charge Luo Baihui that the Chinese share of about 20% per year, 10 million tons, 60 billion yuan contracts boutique die steel to be imported, which occupy almost the entire high-end die steel market. And the price of imported mold steel is several times higher than similar domestic products, or ten times. Mainly due to the quality of foreign mold steel used pure, annealed microstructure and impact toughness of individual indicators, steel quality, uniform, organized a small, precise size, such as indicators of the foreign H13 steel standard control up to eight, while only three of the standard. Present alloy tool steel and made in Sweden, Germany, the United States, Japan, France and other international advanced level, in the variety, quality, size and performance specifications, etc. There is a certain gap, difficult to meet the high market demand.

    Die steel base to hot die steel, cold steel, tool steel and plastic mold three series based. General mold steel in China is now surplus, but the high-end, precision and long life quality mold steel and abroad there is still a gap, the main difference in the purity of the indicators. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mechanical Science Research Institute, said Chen Yunbo, deputy chief engineer, general domestic steel casting mold life H13 of 3 million to 5 million times, while imports of high-quality steel casting mold life H13 up to 20 million times. Practice has proved that the production scale of China's growing steel industry is still not out of the mold, "big but not strong" cycle.

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