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« Second five: to develop high-quality tool steel made Power tools brands occupy the top ten brand list "half" »

Abrasive abrasive biggest names have been favorable for Hsieh fruit into the top twenty

    China's new power - IWILL Bor Cup 2010 Top Ten selection for the hardware industry in full swing, abrasive abrasive industry pioneer in the fight for the top ten containing "undercurrent," was originally dove deep Abrasives Abrasive Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Liu General Manager Feng 50 advance security products with the solid strength of the PK, general manager Zhang Tongjie attracted the most attention, the two pitched battle for two days, although the last remains Zhang Tongjie ranked first, but Mr. Liu Feng of the forces should not be overlooked His tactics have indeed imitate other players.

    March 2,swing chain another abrasive abrasive industry, the biggest names in Sichuan Santai County Solid Industrial Co., Sharp, general manager of Mr. Xie Guo reached the top twenty, which is 30 strong promotion has been made general manager of the most fruit Xie good results, while a column in the users message signed by the author also found a message of deep pigeon Liu Feng: Support Xie total. Abrasives industry needs more pioneers like you, I hope we can work together. iron chain Is this Mr. Liu a force in the pool? Message was issued at 15:33 on March 1st, and today (March 2) greatly increased the number of votes, general manager Xie fruit has been among the top twenty, it is a coincidence? Can not speculate, only watch the next of Situation!

   2011 West winds combined with a whole wardrobe popular progress.
   In recent years, the whole wardrobe comprehensive functionality, style, style and other aspects of popular fashion point of view, the whole wardrobe to show diversity, individuality, European and American fashion trends with Chinese characteristics, such as the phase node, the previous function of the overall wardrobe design, style think much on, and now the whole wardrobe is more distinctive features in the design and decoration style with the more closely to keep abreast of trends and changes in style of decoration, but also taking into account the psychological needs of various age groups, such as closing doors and wardrobe sliding door wardrobe, have adopted an open, free, personalized approach to design and distinctive features, bright style, combining elements of European and American Trends and China.

    In addition to the changing style of style, but now most of the wardrobe closet designers also enhanced the details of the deal. Such as hanging clothes from speaking, in addition to ordinary clothes rail, clothes hangers, but also design and development of the rotating racks, pull-down hangers, with a lighting rod for hanging clothes function. There are professional pants hanging pants rack, in addition to tie racks, belt racks, the design is nuanced. There are underwear drawer with a separate box with keys and trinkets hanging drawer panels, people everywhere are reflected on the meticulous care.

    Design in the details, there have been institutional analysis, the cortex and the lines will be the main trend of the logs. Logs from the floor, spread to the groove design furniture, wardrobe is also now integrated to follow the trend of this simple life. Feel the wood grain color, shock and deep, atmospheric, uninhibited, free to place and not lack of careful, quiet strength and loving atmosphere.

    In the material, a number of high profile brands have adopted the wardrobe good material, and even some brands will be material as the very core of the edge. Good material to produce a good product, good style and style is inseparable from the wardrobe of high quality materials, such as the coefficient of E1-level environmental quality board, high-tech aerospace aluminum alloy frame, the normal service life of up to 10 million imported high-precision pulleys above, and also need to strictly control every production process.

    In the hardware accessories, ergonomic design that consumers are more attracted to. Damping sliding door sliding door off the perfect moment to resolve the collision and rebound of the problems there, but can turn off automatic sliding door. Golden wood color clothing wardrobe pass and set off with more temperament, leaf laminates is the most intimate details of care, even if designers do not ignore the back of the wardrobe, from the traditional square to the leaf changes, feel the wardrobe designers hope passing through every detail of the art.

    Integration is also a wardrobe and furniture the most popular trend in recent years, the whole wardrobe, wardrobes and other furniture used by the same texture and color of the wood. If a larger space at home, you can choose the overall design of a walk-in wardrobe and dressing room, which is more neat, convenient, do not worry about matching with the bed and other furniture is not the problem.

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