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« Abrasive abrasive biggest names have been favorable for Hsieh fruit into the top twenty Risk of large steel enterprises can not afford to suddenly stop buying iron ore in China »

Power tools brands occupy the top ten brand list "half"

     HC Hardware Network launched "China's new force - IWILL Bor Cup 2010 top ten Chinese hardware industry, named" a large public activities have been selected to enter a critical stage audition, users increasingly high enthusiasm to vote, the brand popularity of the competition is intensifying.

    March 17, Internet voting sea election coming to an end, activities will enter into a more competitive "cut"swing chain stage, when the streets of the organizing committee will select 200 candidates qualify for the 30 brands to enter the final PK links.

    Today, the organizing committee to preliminary statistics found in the top ten brand list of all the finalists eligible, brand, brand power tools occupied the top ten brand list of the "Banbiheshan." It is reported that ranked the top ten brand list brands of power tools: T. Barfield Po, Tung Shing, Rui Qi, great, national brand name and strong 5.

    It is understood that T. Barfield Po, Tung Shing become the most popular type of power tool brands, top ten selection in the voting phase of 50 into 30, the number of votes the two brands of power tools are generally higher than other brands.iron chain And repeatedly ranked the top ten brand list. But much, Rui Qi, Guoqiang strength of the brand can not be underestimated.

    Fight against counterfeit goods bearing the image of tobacco shops remodeling.
    New Year, the General Assembly special action meeting Dian smoke continue to carry out "against violations of intellectual property rights and the special action of making and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods." For the anti-counterfeiting activities, the town party committee and government was adamant and unequivocal, set up by industry and commerce, public security, monitoring unit and other related departments of the special action team composed of smoke Dian ongoing investigation and small enterprises. Through cable TV, hanging banners, promotional banners made permanent, post "on the campaign against violations of intellectual property and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods notice the special action", etc., to improve corporate and public awareness in the fight against infringement bearings and held the village branch secretary of the meeting, carefully sort out clues, a comprehensive investigation business.

    For this operation, smoke Dian taken decisive measures to effectively achieve tangible results.

    First, create an atmosphere to form a deterrent. Broadcast on television in the town recycling activities on the fight against counterfeiting notice and major junctions in the market production of propaganda posters 30 permanent installation of 20 stainless steel fixed billboards in the townships and 34 villages in posting notices of 100, and the use of radio speakers, websites and other forms of publicity.

    Second, the classification of the investigation, a comprehensive clean-up.

    1, bearing market dragnet investigation. 8 inspections were conducted, a total of 13 investigation (which closed down four, and the remaining nine time limit for rectification); confiscation of products 25, for a total value of 17 million.

    2, resolute unlicensed household cleaning. In 2010, undocumented families bearing inventory liquidation activities, has dispatched more than 300 people, investigated a total of 47 (which shut down seven, and the remaining time limit for rectification); confiscation of products 55, for a total value of 12 million.

    Third, efforts to increase the punishment of selling fake goods. Set up telephone hotlines, the implementation of reporting prize system, mobilize the masses to carry out prizes to report. Report illegal fact, once verified, the amount of the product concerned to give informants a reward of 5%.

    Fight against counterfeit tobacco Dian is the inevitable process of economic development, the tobacco Dian party committee and government of the people and the previous hard work, the smoke shop bearing after 30 years of difficulties and frustrations before developing into a good situation today, but now have been fake serious impact on the smoke shop bearing the image of its further development and growth adversely. Smoke Dian determined to take this opportunity to increase the strength of bearing counterfeit tobacco shops remove the hat, bearing the image of tobacco shops remodeling.

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