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Second five locks to adjust sound and rapid development to strengthen the industry

    Lock industry in 2010 is still facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges, the export exchange rate changes, the cost of raw material prices and increased instability.
    Many businesses decline, benefits decline, in the grim situation, the system locks Branch of China National Hardware Association's leadership, in accordance with work plans and Hardware Association chapter program of work early,swing chain serious work in the member units and related units support collaboration, through active efforts and achieved good results.

    Main achievements in 2010:

    1. Market-oriented, speed up the adjustment of product structure.

    Because of the economic crisis, domestic and international market contraction. Lock industry to adapt to market demand, iron chain the market demand, with high added value products to market, enhance the anti-risk ability. The full development of biometric identification technology, electronic technology, high technology and high value-added products, intelligent lock, not only improve the ability to withstand the economic crisis, but also to accelerate the pace of adjustment of product structure.

    2. Enhance the technical capacity, improve the level of equipment, and strengthen awareness of independent innovation.

    The companies focus on improving their technical strength, attracting professionals, active introduction, digestion and absorption of new technology, new equipment, active use of new technology, new materials, and strive to improve the quality and grade of lock products, and developed with independent intellectual property rights high value-added products, and enhance overall competitiveness of enterprises.

    3. Ability to enhance the implementation of product testing standards, attention to product quality. Lock the current competitive market sector, from simple price competition to quality competition in the product, most companies realize the true importance of product quality, thus strengthening the capacity of the enterprise implementation of standards and product quality testing capabilities, the species representative of the laboratory, testing center have been established, to improve the quality of products in China locks lay a solid foundation.

    4. Implementation of brand strategy, and improving quality management. Strict quality standards, and encouraged a excellent quality, in the domestic market has a certain influence of the lock brands. On the one hand promote the enterprises to strengthen communication links with government departments to strive for brand strategy support; the other hand, do a good job promoting enterprise, to enable enterprises to truly focus on management inside, outside image, better to win the market and consumers, create more famous and well-known trademarks in China locks.

    5. Increase high-quality professional training, attention to the whole team to improve and strive to improve the quality of all staff, through various forms and tireless efforts, created a pioneering and innovative, professional dedication, competent, scaled new heights of lock staff.

    6. Active in a variety of activities, industries and enterprises to provide a platform for information exchange, mutual understanding, communication, learning to observe and open ideas, clear direction, and further enhance the cohesion of chapters.

    7. Strengthen the industry and technological progress, technological innovation seminars, summing up and promoting the typical experience, advanced technology, promote technological progress and development of the industry.

    8. Key areas of industry and enterprises and research to understand the grass roots, to grasp the situation, the industry basic data research, collection and statistical analysis, sum up experience, grasp models, to promote the healthy development efforts.

    Work plan for 2011:

    1. To find out the industry base.

    Play unit by the enthusiasm of the members, Fenpianbaogan, the region lock on the relevant data, industry statistics, for a more detailed, full, full, by summary statistics, find out the full development of the industry, problems, and explore development approach.

    2. Development of the implementation of second Five-Year Plan.

    According to the second Five-Year Plan and the Central Hardware Association second Five-Year Plan, develop and implement the industry's second lock Five-Year Plan, to effectively guide their long-term scientific development.

    3. To carry out information exchange and promote development of competition.

    (1) to strengthen the exchange of market information, the right business strategy formulation and strategy to enable enterprises to compete in an invincible position; master the use and tap business opportunities and play business advantage, and constantly open up the market, in competition for survival and development.

    (2) to strengthen technical exchanges through the exchange of technical information, understanding and knowledge of modern developments in lock technology and establish the company's technology platform to improve the technical level, the lock for the development of high-tech industry products reinforce the foundation.

    (3) strengthening management information exchanges through the exchange of management information, learn lessons, identify gaps, promote effective management of the advanced experience of long-term mechanism to do so regardless of the size of lock industry, every enterprise using the scientific management, management of enterprises, standardize the operation of scientific development.

    (4) to strengthen environmental policies exchange of information, for the second five-period, the national environmental policy determination, as well as differences over environmental policy, one exchange can be used as examples of the industry, by doing the work of the Government to explore the system more conducive to Lock the path of enterprise development; second complete control of environmental policy information, so that enterprises in the development of technical, business development direction with accuracy, flexibility.

    4. To further strengthen the branch building.

    (1) good general chapter of the work of lock.

    (2) continue to vigorously carry out activities to improve the branch cohesion, the role of full branch. Thoroughly implement the spirit of work of the association meetings, open to ideas for future work, a clear direction. Organized various activities to better serve the industry and business services.

    (3) continue to carry out research work, in charge of Branch Secretariat Association be invited leaders of the industry in key areas and enterprises and research to understand the grass roots, to grasp the situation, sum up experience, grasp models, to promote the healthy development efforts.

    (4) make great efforts to lock meeting the "famous" work, on the one hand to further strengthen communication with relevant government departments to contact for support; the other hand, do a good job to organize the enterprises to enable enterprises to truly focus on management inside and outside good image, better to win the market and consumers, create more famous and well-known trademarks in China locks.

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