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« Second five locks to adjust sound and rapid development to strengthen the industry Fujian Shishi textile and garment industry into high-cost era »

Shenyang: State special high-tech industrial base of CNC machine tools

    February 25, from Shenyang City Science and Technology Bureau, "National Special Shenyang High-tech industrial base of CNC machine tools" project by the Ministry of Science and formally recognized, marking the Shenyang City, the development of special CNC machine tool industry has risen to national science and technology at the strategic level.

    As a national equipment manufacturing industry base, Shenyang has developed China's largest production base of CNC machine tools,swing chain there are nearly 200 dedicated to the development and production of special features CNC machine tools and technology-based small and medium enterprises, has developed a transport-oriented , engineering machinery, aerospace and other major equipment manufacturing applications of 150 new products.

    Market Analysis bathroom shower teach you how to measure quality.
    Shower, iron chain also known as shower, which was originally a watering flowers, potted plants and other plants of the device. Later, someone will be converted into the shower can be used, making the bathroom a common device.

   How to measure the shower quality?

   Water way.

A variety of ways water is no longer the high-level shower patent, and will gradually spread to ordinary shower brand. Four water shower with a general way, the following is the most common of several: First, the basic shower bath water; the second, rain type, bit by bit, continuous water; three, massaging, powerful spray, poured between the continued to enable the body to relax; four, stroking, continuous and small flow; five, single-unit type, water concentration of a water column. Adjustment method is very simple, crowded at the small handle on the shower or turn the shower head directly converted to free water.

   Temperature, water-saving features.

   Bath water temperature should be re-adjusted each time? This is too much trouble! Now many are equipped with thermostatic shower unit, not only can control the temperature, but also by the metal ball to help you "remember" the appropriate temperature, and when you choose a water temperature will be fixed, after each bath water temperature will be constant unchanged. The showers were on the water temperature, flow control easy, while also on the elderly, the children play a role in safeguarding the safety of the bath. And general appearance of such a device as the leading switch, but with adjusting hot water controller, used to control the water inflow into the mixing tank so that water can flow quickly and accurately, both water and energy conservation, That side of the memory of water temperature, while regulating water, up to 50% does not affect the water saving effect.

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