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Fujian Shishi textile and garment industry into high-cost era

    After the Spring Festival this year, textile and garment raw materials, labor and other factors of production costs continued to rise, production costs remain high, Shishi City, the textile and garment industry a pillar industry into the high-cost era, forcing the lions down to speed up transformation and upgrading of textile and garment industry, the pace of .

    The headwaters of the textile industry chain of raw materials soaring cotton prices, price transmission mechanism of homeopathy to the middle and lower reaches. Spring Festival, the price of cotton up to 34,800 yuan / ton,swing chain a record high; lions cotton yarn market prices reached a historical high, combed cotton yarns offer of 4.7 yuan / ton, carded cotton yarn also offer up to 4.3 yuan / ton, the labor charges weaving, dyeing and processing fees slightly small increase in price of fabric and colored fabric compared to last year, has more than doubled, to the downstream transmission of high prices lions apparel manufacturing, material costs doubled. Apparel fabrics accounted for about 60% of the cost of production is the largest garment production costs first, the rise in material costs, direct push up the cost of manufacturing of clothing. Shishi clothing industry, production costs, material and labor costs for 80% of production costs, direct costs of production factors, iron chain and other indirect costs of production have different rate to rise.

    Shishi textile and garment industry and is closely related to the packaging, hardware, accessories, and other industries are also deeply the pain of rising raw material costs. After the Spring Festival this year. Copper has the highest price at 7.6 yuan / ton, far more than last year, 5 yuan / ton level, the metal zinc and aluminum prices are high, lions hardware accessories industry, the largest amount in 3 large metal raw material prices hovering high, pushing up production costs directly.

    Shishi textile and garment industry is accelerating the pace of industrial restructuring and upgrading of large-scale introduction of intelligent production equipment to replace the reliance on manual operation; scientific and technological innovation, new technologies, new products, new fabrics and other emerging, value-added products improve the ; actively explore the international high-end market; Shishi textile and garment industry has reached a consensus on changing the economic growth mode is the breakthrough the bottleneck of high production costs, the only way out.

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