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Shagang steel mills to correct the excessive rise down

    Officially with the large steel mills cut prices to correct the excessive pre-market gains of steel. Yesterday, the nation's largest private steel company in mid-March introduction of the sand section steel price policy.

    Prices in early March, based on the high sand steel wire, steel prices by 300 yuan / ton, plate screw down 400 yuan / ton. The magnitude of the market even more than the previous rumors of 250 yuan / ton of decline.

    While the price cut,swing chain sand steel traders were also efforts to larger subsidies. For early March in which the price level, high-line product price subsidies of 200 yuan / ton on steel subsidy 300 yuan / ton. If completed in February and March of the procurement plan will subsidize the whole month of February the post 100 yuan / ton. This is actually a steel rose too fast in correcting previously.

    At present, the Shanghai market in 4660-4680 offer mainstream rebar yuan / ton, the price has been back to years ago.iron chain According to the monitoring, a continuous drop in price after the deal began to enlarge the terminal. In the Northern market, significant improvement in overall shipments, purchasing the terminal in Shanghai have also been enlarged. Yindie in steel, while iron ore prices are down linked.

    Steel suffered "three high" severe constraints on their movement disorder.
    Rebar in the fall after the Spring Festival, the futures market from the main contract has the highest 5230 yuan / ton down to 4,800 yuan / ton. High yield, high inventory and high prices down is considered to be caused by rebar reasons.

    Steel prices after the Spring Festival had failed to extend the continuous rising trend in recent months, the contract shot up after the 1110 steel falling, first weekend continuing to fall a month, a drop of about 8%.

    The current situation rebar futures industry, called by some: High yield, high inventory, high prices, "three high" party.

    Post-holiday trading was light.

    "This year's steel market is much worse than in previous years, March will be at full capacity in mid-construction sites, some sites have started early in March, and this time should have strong sales when it is steel, but now the number one day sell . "Bao Steel Reserve a spot market in iron and steel trading company called Ming Kai sales staff said.

    Steel market in Tianjin Reserve, the largest in North China steel market that there are some deserted spot. A, and B, the former car parking spaces are still many places to stop, and difficult to get past a sharp contrast to the situation. Rarely seen the market busy in the figure, most people are in "slow motion" state. Meanwhile, the reporter also found that some trading companies off the lights, closed the door, as if still in the rest of the Spring Festival holidays.

    Ming Kai steel sales staff also told reporters that the price of rebar from the New Year began after the fall, has gone from 5,200 yuan / ton fell to 4,800 yuan / ton, and all consumers not to buy or have bought up the idea, and now The more prices fall the more one buys, builders are afraid of overpaying, as long as the steel stock to use, do not rush to hand purchases.

    Liang Shaodong buyer is a construction site, he told reporters that the end of 2010 to 2011, steel prices before Spring Festival, a continuous rise, many construction companies purchased during this time a certain amount of steel to spare. Festival rebar prices have dropped there, but the state a series of monetary tightening and a new real estate regulation and control policy has been to real estate developers and construction companies began to feel the cash-strapped, and now they practice is to save the province , to other then the other.

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