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The real door and window hardware accessories should have the function of what

    In many of the show we have seen many well-known company doors and windows, looks pretty good, electrophoresis aluminum, or even fluorocarbon coating of aluminum, the configuration of hollow glass, color, style and diverse, but the opening is not flexible, shaking a large, unreasonable allocation . This is not the result of attention to hardware.

    So the real door and window hardware accessories and what kind of functions? In addition to meeting the physical performance of windows and doors,swing chain mechanical properties, but also meet the following conditions:

    One is easy to operate, single point of control, by changing the location of the hand grip to achieve a variety of open functions; Second, standardization and serialization, so that windows and doors companies and construction companies to quickly and installation; third is scalability; Fourth, the loading capacity strong; Fifth safe; sixth is widely used; seventh, applicability, high-quality specifications.

    High-end windows and doors hardware windows and doors in order to ensure the good, the basic use of precision tooling, iron chain high degree of automation, process, material strength of the premise in line to stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, high-quality engineering plastics based. There are some plants for the sake of cheap, used carbon steel to produce a result not a few months, they begin to rust. Moreover, only one benefit plans, free materials and configuration changes, to the doors and windows leave serious security vulnerabilities.

    When the high-precision metal parts and precision bonded together profiles is not necessarily a good windows and doors. Good combination of hardware accessories and good sections together, doors and windows company to make great efforts for system engineering design and production, and with all parties concerned, especially the metal parts of the coordination and cooperation in order to get.

    Many times, we often hear people complain that windows is not so flexible, just blame the hardware accessories. But ignore other issues, such as strips, profiles of the quality, accuracy notch (such as the notch size should be the size of the surface treatment), Corner of processing accuracy.

    Quality doors and windows is a complete quality assurance system to decide, making doors and windows must be attached to each part of a production system that works, in particular a fundamental change from the contempt of hardware accessories.

    Door and window hardware accessories in the Western developed countries are capital-and technology-intensive industries, while China is widespread lack of funds, weak technical conditions, is still a labor-intensive industries.

    Developed countries, China and window hardware this gap is narrowing. With the improvement of living conditions of people, windows and doors will be increasing demand for hardware, and the gentrification development. Door and window hardware development is vast, and people continue to pursue higher integrity, higher quality windows and doors, which gives the development of hardware provides endless imagination. We only according to market development, design and development of production of high quality, high grade hardware to the doors and windows industry to a yet another peak.

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