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« The real door and window hardware accessories should have the function of what Cabinet industry, highlighting the lack of competition in the market self-regulation disorder »

Star of successful cases of joint rights Inspiration


    / Hear the pass / -2009 years in the furniture industry, the patent rights lead to the case of hot ? Star Hardware Co., Ltd. v. United Foshan Shida Hardware Plant patent infringement case before the sentencing. In favor of Joint STARS! United Star brings us behind the success of what rights the Enlightenment? Companies continue to innovate while protecting intellectual property rights,swing chain how?

    Case review.

    In 2008, the Joint STARS to the town of Longjiang, Shunde, Foshan Shida Hardware Products Factory and Foshan City Shunde District Longjiang Town, Shida hardware business, several companies as defendants, to the Foshan Intermediate People's Court patent infringement lawsuit involving compensation amount of 2.5 million yuan.

    United Star Metal Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of furniture hardware accessories business, the company established over 20 years, through innovative research and development, has been made, including the appearance of patent and utility model patents, including 40 product patents. In recent years, with the "United Star ?" brand name degree rise,iron chain the star of a variety of patented products have been part of the fake malicious peers. Star Market United investigators, some of the largest in the Shunde District of furniture materials city, found a number of hardware factory in sales and the Joint STARS is very similar to the appearance of patent counterfeits. Which combined the functionality of the star structure of the patent sofa, Foshan City, Shida Hardware Plant is a malicious phishing, to the United star's product sales and brand image caused by the bad influence. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, joint multi-Star team in activist evidence, the prosecution, including hardware factory in Foshan Shida several violations, including enterprises, the total amount of claims up to 250 million. After filing two cases of infringement in the furniture industry triggered a burst of hot, including the "China Intellectual Property News," including a number of professional media have reported on the case tracking.

    Recently, Foshan City Intermediate People's Court Star v. United Foshan Shida Hardware Plant patent infringement verdict, the verdict hardware factory in Foshan Shida immediately stop manufacturing and selling the patent infringement of United stars functional sofa structure; and destruction of infringing products inventory , semi-finished and special tooling; decision Shida Hardware Plant 150,000 yuan compensation for economic losses and bear the associated costs of litigation. Another accused infringing companies are under pressure to revoke the registration of the business sector. Star defenders counterfeiting operation the United initial victory.

    Joint rights of the Road Star.

    In "China" in the larger environment, many companies in exploring how to effectively protect intellectual property rights of enterprises, because only in their own intellectual property rights are effectively protected under the premise that more companies will be willing to innovate, to create. Star from the 2005 Joint beginning to actively explore the maintenance of intellectual property rights of enterprises of the Road, and the legal protection of intellectual property rights in team building, and explore a draw upon the rights of way.

    1, patent protection and confidence.

    In 1990, the joint application of the first Star of product patents, which at the time of the furniture industry is an advanced concept. After 20 years of development, today's furniture into the brand of innovation has been "created" era, who owns the product patent, it means control of the products in the market competition in the initiative, while the star product of 20 combined years of unremitting efforts, has made, including utility models and designs, including more than 40 patents. Product innovation, while patent protection is long-term development plan for the United star's confidence.

    2, professional groups, rights pioneer.

    Star has a combined five lawyers led by the professional rights team. Since 2005, they began to carry out in the furniture trade show activism, the Department of the patent rights with the fair office, on display at the show without the star of counterfeit products, the joint business deal with the infringement, ordered it not infringing products on display at the show .

    In 2008, the United multi-Star team in the professional activist evidence, the prosecution, including hardware factory in Foshan Shida infringement, including the two companies, claims the amount of up to 250 million, a furniture accessories industry rights pioneer.

    3, propaganda indoctrination, lead the industry seriously.

    Since 2006, the United star will be in each major exhibition, the innovation and intellectual property protection as an important part of corporate culture, promotion of customer and hope through a series of publicity activities, the prevailing winds in the counterfeit industry under the status quo, to the peer and industry as a warning to, and through their own efforts to promote the industry and orderly competition and healthy development. United Star firmly believe that: as long as companies can enhance innovation and intellectual property protection to an important position in the development of enterprises, "China" will be able to "Made in China" to complete a magnificent turn.

    "Moral respect" ? an ideal way to protect intellectual property rights.

    As the market mechanism was gradually standardized, and the constant improvement of our legal system, more and more furniture companies growing importance of intellectual property protection. However, many furniture companies in the same time protect their own innovations, they purchase and use of infringing furniture, accessories, even the use of infringing counterfeit furniture, accessories, lower prices to suppliers, resulting in vicious competition and accessories industry, and ultimately destroy the entire furniture industry supply chain of healthy development. In the development and protection of intellectual property has become the main theme of enterprise development, why is still repeated violations?

    In Europe, America and other developed countries and regions, companies will not only be a patent infringement legal sanctions, when the exhibition will also be many restrictions, and even some large-scale exhibition tour will be rejected. In these countries and regions, respect for intellectual property of others has become a social morality. It may be, therefore, those violations have become accustomed to Europe and America, Chinese companies participating, he will become very careful, lest been infringed complaints. Be seen that the respect for intellectual property protection to rise to a new height of morality, but an ideal way to protect intellectual property rights, infringement can not fake after all see the sun.

    As an industry pioneer activist for many years, the United star has always insisted on IPR publicity activities and human rights activists launched a series of anti-counterfeiting operations. These actions are not intended to be business as a rival to fight infringement, because the lack of independent research and development capabilities of the infringing business, the tide will soon be eliminated by the market; United star through the judicial process rights, the purpose is not to spend a long time and a lot The effort to obtain the compensation amount is not large, but want to move through a series of rights so that the industry realized that protect intellectual property rights through legal means, it is quite upset last resort, is the primary means; only to maintain IP sublimation "moral respect", is the ideal way to prevent infringement and the lofty realm.

    In any era, the law to resolve social contradictions are only the most bottom-line ways and means. As early as 2000 years ago, Confucius that "people believe" is the highest of statecraft. 15 years ago in China, also on the health of urban health supervision of law enforcement teams. At that time, the city health law enforcement teams, health promotion slogans such civilization is the city's landscape. 10 years later, China's big cities are very difficult to see the health team of law enforcement figure, but already much improved urban sanitation, owed much to China's national quality awareness and civic sanitation have been improved. Similarly, protection of intellectual property, legal sanctions alone is not enough, need to form a "moral respect" as a basic guarantee of good habits. Therefore, to the formation of Chinese enterprises in the competitive atmosphere of respect for intellectual property, businesses, trade associations, exhibition and other related industries, intellectual property protection should be increased to the "moral respect" the new level of respect in the industry to form a knowledge property rights, moral self-discipline.

    After the hurricane swept across the financial, from the Chinese "world factory" awakened dream. About 500 enterprises in Guangdong province in the collapse of the financial turmoil, the people deeply understand the importance of independent innovation. In 2008, the Guangdong provincial government "speed up the construction of the modern industrial system the decision" clearly to promote the brand furniture industry, furniture industry as high technology to transform and upgrade of key industries, China's furniture industry to achieve the proposed "from exporting countries export power to change. " Furniture Fair as one of the world's most important, CIFF unprecedented increase in the "red pencil," " students Joint Exhibition" and other theme design exhibition, proposed design is the concept of future technology innovation center. To encourage innovation, CIFF also for the enterprises with innovation to provide the best location of the exhibition, and for infringement enterprises, CIFF may refuse the exhibition. All this are that the Government, industry associations, trade shows are more of intellectual property rights. All self-respecting intellectual property rights will become the code of ethics.

    ? enterprise intellectual property rights of corporate social responsibility.

    China's furniture industry after 20 years of rapid development, many furniture companies have developed to a considerable scale. Enterprise development to a certain size in the time to guide and drive the industry to the positive direction, the enterprise can not shirk its social responsibility. Star knew the truth of United, so starting from 2005, with large pieces of furniture on show as a platform for promotion of IP awareness to the industry. Star of this joint approach, as the year the big cities of China's civilization and health promotion slogan posted at the time seemed to work very little, but it has profound long-term significance. However, to the formation in the industry code of ethics to respect intellectual property rights, the efforts of individual enterprises alone is not enough. Therefore, the United star called on the media, industry associations and trade shows, take the appropriate means and measures to promote the furniture industry, intellectual property rights and moral formation of self-discipline in the industry to create a fair and just environment for innovation.

    Furniture hardware industry as a pioneer for innovation, the United Star that a firm stand:

    First, insist on innovation, sustainable development, is the star of the eternal idea of ??the joint.

    Second, the firm rights and curb the spread of violations, both on the Joint STARS to maintain their own interests, but also for the industry to maintain healthy competition environment, it is the Joint STARS sustainable development of the whole industry social responsibility.

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