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Golden Tiger Tools High star: hardware industry to do the best bolt cutter

    March 9 -11 May, th China International Hardware Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. 3-day conference, nearly 2,000 exhibitors. Scale is the largest China International Hardware Fair previous one.

    In this exhibition,swing chain HC metal mesh as a professional press reports, the deputy general manager of Xuzhou Golden Tiger Tools Making Co., Ltd. High-star for an in-depth interview.

    High star said,iron chain Xuzhou Golden Tiger Tools Making Co., Ltd. was founded in 1955. After years of development, the company has now begun to take shape, fixed assets of more than 5800 million, with modern tooling, machining, heat treatment, powder coating, metallographic analysis, hardness and non-destructive testing and other production and testing equipment.

    It is understood that the company mainly produces bolt cutters, pipe clamp, pipe captive hand tools most other products, including bolt cutters scale of production first in the nation counterparts. For the past few years the company's rapid development, high star to be reduced to two reasons, the sound quality management system and to promote the role of science and technology.

    Turning to the future development of high-sing, said the company will, as always, make persistent efforts, through the certification, successful entry into more countries and markets.

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