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Analysis of three factors constraining the development of the brand cabinet hardware

    Currently, each of us every day with the cabinet hardware closely linked to the market still does not appear so far in a relatively well-known leading brand. The 21st century is a century of brand consumption, consumers are more inclined to buy any goods choose the brand, especially a trusted brand.

    Therefore, the brand cabinet hardware market potential is staggering. Who is the first to grab the leader's position, who was the first person to eat crab, will get huge benefits. However, the development of the brand cabinet hardware is constrained by several factors, to establish a brand, you have to overcome these difficulties,swing chain no doubt the cost will be enormous.

    A serious lack of brand concept.

    Currently in circulation cabinet hardware products, style single, old style, rough work, there is no brand protection at all. China's cabinet hardware industry in the development stage, the overall scale of production, but due to technical limitations, very serious homogeneity, the brand concept is sorely lacking. Dealer absence of production capacity, he is an important area to ensure protection of the profits, monopoly profits. iron chain Many of the hardware works just blindly sell products that price, there is no systematic marketing planning, the lack of protection of the regional market, there is no stable price system, the money is mother, a city often sold well, other counterparts on the swarming to purchase, the original best-selling products everywhere from the exclusive, quickly driving down prices, dealers weighed down, hard to open up the business easy to follow up and surpass peers, has been unable to account for a large market share.

    Lack of professional sales channels.

    Cabinet Hardware no professional marketing channel economic development to today, any product can be purchased in the boutique, small comb, large cars, and specialty stores because of their save consumers shopping to find the time to give the consumer a huge confidence and pleasant shopping experience and popular worldwide, but in the cabinet hardware market, consumers can not find such a professional sales channels, has the spending power of people do not know to go there to buy products like a city at every turn dozens of home textile stores, but not even a cabinet hardware stores are not. This is a huge market space.

    Lack of specialized stores.

    Almost all the existing hardware on the market are only designed to do a certain type or a material product, the product line is far insufficient to support the operation of a professional store, especially in the high-end specialty stores, the follow-up R & D capability is not strong, because complex sources, often daily hardware store into a grocery store have become a consortium of several manufacturers, the product good and bad, the consequences of this is not to give consumers good service and stable quality assurance, there is no brand loyalty, anti-risk ability is very low.

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