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Hardware Industry Development path resolution low-carbon economy

    Passed the era of the Internet to lead the economy, the financial lead the economy is over, and then the next one who is leading the economy? - Low-carbon economy. This knowledge spread like a smell in the country.

    If we say "low-carbon economy" was a slogan, then the financial crisis prompted into action it is, relying on oil and gas "carbon economy" is already facing recession, select the "low-carbon lifestyle",swing chain the "low carbon consumption "has become a fashionable topic of the moment. The search for business opportunities in low-carbon economy is becoming entrepreneurs, new thinking - "The more green the more money." For the hardware business, in seeking to develop business opportunities in low-carbon economy, energy conservation,iron chain transformation and upgrading is the key. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang Jinling International Mould Machinery Industry Forum, pointed out that hardware companies can keep the majority of government policies, industrial restructuring, energy management contract to proceed on three aspects.

    1, followed by government policy.

    Seventh session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC, reviewed and approved the "National Economic and Social Development, the recommendations of Twelfth Five-Year Plan", proposed the theme of the scientific concept of development to accelerate the transformation of economic development the main line, adhere to the building resource-saving and environment-friendly society to accelerate the transformation of economic development  as an important focal point, identified tackling climate change, vigorously develop the circular economy, strengthen resource conservation and management, intensify environmental protection efforts, strengthen ecological protection and disaster prevention construction of several major tasks and reduction system.

    Not long ago, the Chinese government issued the "State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of a strategic decision" to energy saving, new generation of information technology, equipment, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles, as is phase of the strategic focus on the development of new industries. We will seize the green economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading of the historic opportunity to increase policy support. A clear research focus, breakthroughs in core technologies to support marketing efforts to form a pilot type, pillar industries, and to seize the commanding heights of the future of technology and industry, promote the optimization and upgrading the industrial structure.

    Wang Jinling that closely follow the government policies, hardware companies is much to do. Such as national saving and environmental protection exhibition organized every year, many hardware companies exhibiting a change in the whole economy, all of the production system, service system and the external support system will change, hardware business opportunities here. For example, the production of supporting the needs of energy saving products, such as solar flashlight, LED flashlight light source of such energy-saving products.

    2, adjust the industrial structure.

    Hardware companies to adjust the industrial structure is energy conservation, the only way to upgrade. Material is the basis for an industry to run, adjust the industrial structure in the development of new materials is an important part. The rapid development of science and technology greatly expand the use of metal materials industry, has long been not a single steel materials, stainless steel, aluminum, wire and other materials continue to join. Can be predicted simultaneously with technological developments, the future will have more new material added to the hardware of the material chain. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Deputy Secretary-General Luo Baihui has described the development of hardware manufacturing in the world, there is a map of "English - United States - Japan - China Taiwan - Mainland China," the route, which is a typical low-end manufacturing The "nomadic" road. Visible, metal industry, manufacturing industry there is still much room for development, low-carbon economy business opportunities from this. Hardware companies should increase China's research and development of new technology, you can self-built R & D institutions, professional bodies or with the formation of partnerships to purchase their services.

    Post-processing is an important part of low-carbon environment, post-processing hardware industry mainly refers to the carbon capture technology. Carbon dioxide emissions through the chimney, is collected through technical means, compressed and processed into liquid or solid, the landfill. Many of China's oil fields, oil wells nearly dried up, and then can collect carbon dioxide into oil wells, the oil squeezed out. Of course, this approach is the starting point for oil exploitation, but from another perspective, but also carbon dioxide capture and landfill up. This technology into very high, and take a long time to do it.

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