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Peng Rong busy fans to vote among the weekend, cutting-edge third brand list

    Although yesterday was Sunday, but fans of the top ten hardware can not spare some time to rest. Just one day, the "new force in China Bor Iwill hardware industry in China Cup 2010 Top Ten Award" to increase the amount of the total number of votes amazing.

   swing chain There are many fans cry on the network, "the last few days, in any case should send the podium favorite brand." Hardware Ten selection generally a vote against 18, the first day of the "votes deserted" situation, far beyond the extent of its popular expectations of staff.

    The author notes, Rong Peng (vote) brand continued to cheer on their friends, the rankings soared, closing at 9:30 on March 21, Rong Peng's ranking has soared to third place. Followed by Rui Qi, Greenwood tool later. iron chain A net friend issued a sigh, "Yesterday was Sunday, a day to vote, to vote today, I hope not to disappoint Peng Rong." However, pressing harder and harder in the Under T. Barfield Bao Rong Peng's position is obviously not secure.

    With the metal into the top ten "30 into 10" advance the race late, cutting-edge change in the brand rankings fluctuating. "Especially today, frequent fluctuations in the brand rankings standings, but also to the top 10 list is full of suspense." Organizing committee staff, said recently, with the daily increase in the number of votes, ranking change is larger, the promotion race seems "turbulent."

    Staff analysis, all participants vote "surge" is not occasionally, but the promotion race to go near the end, the fans, "last round" start. He reminded of you fans: March 24, PK be the ultimate closing, losing no time supporters to vote for the favorite bar.

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