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Hefei, Anhui Province from January to February were the first export of electromechanical products Victory

    I learned from the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, 1 to 2 months of this year, the province's export of electromechanical products $ 810,370,000, of which, the city's exports to $ 271,570,000 on top,swing chain an increase of 44.76%, exports of electromechanical products in Anhui Province acting as a "leader" role.

    Automobiles and household appliances is not only important industry in Anhui Province, but also exports force. Statistics show that 1 to 2 months the two products, automobiles and household appliances is still leading the exports, exports of $ 357,470,000, accounting for 44.1%. Of which: exports of automobiles and chassis, iron chain $ 155,400,000, $ 54,940,000 auto parts exports; exports of $ 57,060,000 refrigerators, air conditioners exported 31.55 million U.S. dollars.

    It is worth mentioning that, along with economic development, the export of Anhui Province ranks are growing, 1 to 2 months, export of electromechanical products in 500 million or more enterprises from the same period last year increased to 25 20. Five companies were pre-export: Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. exports $ 105,810,000, Anhui JAC Automotive Co., Ltd. exported 60.66 million U.S. dollars, Anhui Technology Import and Export Co., Ltd. exports $ 42,620,000, Hefei Electric Co., Ltd. exported 29.89 million Valin dollars, Delta Electronics (Wuhu) Co., Ltd exports $ 22,980,000.

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