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Why domestic hardware companies "not to force" television marketing


    Recently, China has always been regarded as a "barometer" of the Chinese market "leader" of China Central Television advertising tender sale, for a time, international companies and local brands in a fierce competition,  a BMW momentum, many small business owners who threatened evil.
    Throughout the CCTV advertising business successful over the years, the top three industries are food and beverage,swing chain electronics, finance, insurance, rapid growth in automotive, tourism, new energy, tourism and other new industries are also impressive, and very little hardware industry involved in this kind of "gamble dinner."

    Affected by many factors, the hardware industry is still tied to traditional marketing channels: the exhibition marketing,iron chain word of mouth marketing, advertising, brand marketing, although recent years have begun to fashion together hardware companies, and gradually "testing the waters" network marketing, but television marketing , in addition to bathroom hardware, the involved persons are still rare.

    What led to such a weak TV hardware business marketing? I think from the following two points to the specific discussion of the significant features of the hardware industry.

    Overall competitive strength is not strong.

    Production of metal and people's lives, both large and metal, but also hardware, it is better than the floor, and building materials industries, the location is very prominent brand, hardware, bigger and stronger need for a long process.

    In recent years, China's hardware industry through continuous technological innovation, rapid development, and formed a major regional industrial clusters: Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and so on, emerged in a number on the scale, quality of hardware manufacturers, they are in technological innovation and the application of new materials also began to high-tech and new materials, special technology direction. However, due to the low barriers to entry, mostly small and medium enterprises, the hardware industry has the overall grade is not high, coupled with the current hardware industry has not formed a decent modern enterprise group in the competitiveness of the domestic market are not enough, how the overall strength and these can be funded to a hot industry bigwigs "destabilize"?

    Furthermore, aside business aside, why do not some of the hardware market and Macalline, Suning Appliance and other home appliances markets, biting television media? It is understood that the establishment of formal hardware market is merely a dozen years, is undergoing a transition from disorder to order. Followed out of the market mechanism, we experience the essence of management is invested in the market, facade design, shop on investment and not a chain industries, the region also limits its target customers, to do TV marketing, may not be able to increase the number of income.

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