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Hing Ning predators die steel special steel sales stationed in Dongguan, Dalang

    23 morning, and a domestic industry leaders stationed in Long, the Guangdong Special Steel Trading Co., Ltd. Hing Ning in Fumin Industrial Park, Long held a new factory opening ceremony, Vice Mayor Tang Chi Kwong attended the ceremony.

    Annual sales of 300 million new plant.

   swing chain It is reported that steel Long Hing Ning new plant investment 100 million yuan, is to mold the country's largest special steel material as the main distribution companies - Ning Shing Steel Industrial Group's sales center in southern China.iron chain Hing Ning Huang, general manager of Special Steel Industry Co., Ltd. revealed by the project put into operation with annual sales expected to reach 3 billion the first three years, with the South China market and further develop the Southeast Asian market, with annual sales expected to reach 500 million yuan project .

    Based in Dongguan into Southeast Asia.

    Ning Wu Hing Group Chairman to just that developed the equipment manufacturing industry in Dongguan, Chang'an, Hengli die many enterprises, the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, Long, the next step will be relying on Ning Xing Long Steel regional advantages to develop the South China market, to Southeast Asia.

    23 Tang Chi Kwong attended the celebration, he expressed the hope that the new steel plant Hing Ning after opening, and further strengthen the scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, increased marketing efforts, and consolidate to enhance their core competitiveness, lead, radiation, drive more upstream and downstream enterprises in Dongguan venture.

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