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Analysis of metal molds in 2011 and Problems of industrial development

    "During" the level of progress has been made farm machinery and equipment, integrated mechanization level of five-year increase of 16 percentage points in 2010 to 52%. As of October 31, the central government 15.5 billion purchase of agricultural subsidies have been put in place, subsidies for various types of farm machinery were about 525 million units (sets), to benefit nearly four million households.

    In 2010, swing chain large tractor production increased by 77.7%; in production of small tractors were up 4.6% and 19.1%; crop harvesting machinery output of 802,000 units, up 9.5%; field operating machinery production increased by 31.3%.

    Showing a good momentum of China's economic environment.

    It is reported that last year, export value grew 29.4%, compared with 2008 growth of 9.8%. Large-scale equipment,iron chain industrial added value growth of 21.1% over the previous year, an acceleration of 7.3 percentage points; of the total scale industrial added value accounted for 19.4%, the proportion rose by 0.5 percentage points;

    First, cross-industry, cross-regional, cross-ownership to accelerate the pace of corporate restructuring. Shandong Weifang, engineering machinery, automobile three major group restructuring, mergers and weapons Baoding Tianwei Group, Guangzhou Automobile acquisition of Hunan Changfeng, the National Machine Group, delayed acquisition, mergers and acquisitions on the drum drum Shaanxi, have produced good results. The international advanced level of heavy-duty five-axis CNC milling complex machine tools, large-scale automatic CNC punch line quickly run successfully, the NC machine tool output rate of 47.3% in 2005 increased to more than 50% in 2010, output of CNC metal cutting machine tools rate of nearly 7 percentage points, CNC machine tools to improve self-sufficiency rate of more than 10 percentage points.

    Second, in 2010, energy car to promote its 2010 fuel consumption of automotive products to establish a comprehensive public system, in the "energy-saving products that benefit the project" led, energy saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and extension work in full progress, public services, energy and demonstration of new energy vehicles in 2009 to promote the city from 13 to expand to 25, 6 cities launch subsidies for private purchase of new energy vehicles pilot. Auto production and sales volume reached 18.26 million and 18.06 million, an average increase of 32.4%, production and marketing a new high, breaking the world record. Displacement of 1.6 liters and below, sold 9.46 million passenger cars, an increase of 31.8%, accounting for 68.8% of total passenger car sales.

    The above information reflects the three aspects of the operation of our economy in good shape, the data involved in the development of the industry will pull the good hardware industry, especially the development of metal molds for metal industry has an important role. In economic development for the better, but also to exist in several disadvantages.

    For now a lot of data, in 2011 the international economic development and environmental signs of recovery, resumption of growth of foreign trade market in the form of no worse than the same period last year. China's economic environment has shown a good trend, especially for metal molds for metal is welcome; negative factors still exist, however, see advantages in the hardware business, while also concerned about the negative factors. Adopt an appropriate strategy, a positive response.

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