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New energy vehicle power battery project laid the foundation stone in Shandong Linyi

    March 26, Linyi east of the river area investment projects focused on the second batch of ground-breaking ceremony was held, the new lithium-ion battery, Tex textile, Lungi building materials, such as 4 Times Square Hunt billion in projects over the ribbon-cutting on the same day started off the east area courageously rushed to promote the development boom across the county economy.

    "The new lithium-ion battery is China's new energy auto industry, the key technology products, our project is expected in May next year to achieve production targets, the project is completed first phase of construction,swing chain lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganese oxide production of iron capacity will reach will reach 500 tons and 1,000 tons, will be the new energy automotive industry in China made items offered. "Linyi east of the river area as the first production car with a new lithium ion battery manager, country chairman of Dai New Energy Co., Ltd. Jin said confidently.

    Over the years, areas east of Linyi County economy has been lagging behind other urban areas, short legs in industry. In recent years, strong east area of ??industrial zone development goals, to focus on the economic rise of the industry. Especially this year summed up the city's recognition of the county's economic development focus of the General Assembly and the city's construction projects since the awards ceremony of the session, iron chain around the county's economic rise, the district developed and implemented quickly leapfrog their own development strategy, launched a series of new development initiatives. To accelerate industrial development in the area as "One Project" to promote industry as a breakthrough, foster industrial development "backbone." Vigorously implement the "5521" project, and strive to complete the year 5.0 billion investment in technical improvements, completion of high-tech industrial output value of 5.0 billion, tens of millions of tax dollars over 20 companies, a business listing. As the main point of the park construction, industrial development to create the "main battlefield." The park throughout the year and strive to achieve 40 billion yuan industrial output value, profits and taxes 400 million yuan. At the same time, adhere to the "project is the only carrier of investment is the only choice" position without wavering and carry out "the revitalization project on" activities.

    Around the introduction of industrial projects, east of the river were set off wave after wave of investment boom. People go out east held investment seminars, north of Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi, Foshan, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Wenzhou, east of the river's footprint has. "Going out", the east were also focused on "Please come." Pro hardware through the organization of professional exhibitions Fair Investment Promotion, Hot Spring Festival, Strawberry Festival and Flower Festival will be Day, so customers around the east who want to feel deeply the development of the urgent desire of fast development. Lianzhong Nickel, Chen Yang Fan, Shun-pass cars, Jin-Sheng plate, Kay good food, Dongxing City, and a number of plating a large scale of investment, high technology, strong to selected industrial projects located in the east zone settling. Wang Yi technology last year's sales revenue exceeded 1.8 billion yuan, tax 20,130,000 yuan. Large and attracted a large investment, Wang Yi Technology, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, the introduction of Mr. Cheng Muan businessmen invested 110 million yuan investment in the multi-functional and efficient production of liquid coal-fired Combustion, will create 350 million yuan of annual output value.

    Up to now, the new foundation this year, the district has 14 projects, continued construction of 24 projects with a total investment of 7.65 billion, the industrial economy of the county's economic rise by leaps and bounds to become the strong east booster.

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