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Steel iron ore supply and demand is expected poor earnings

    China's iron ore supply and demand in favor of the buyer's signal; iron ore price gains during the year, or hard to find, but still remain high; even if not rising iron ore, steel earnings outlook remains optimistic.

    According to Reuters, sitting on half of the world production capacity of China's steel industry may be relieved of this year swing chain , two years all the way from the soaring iron ore prices down sharply this month, and the Chinese market may turn to over-supply of iron ore to make the industry I believe the iron ore price gains during the year, or hard to find.

    Iron ore industry to participate in the meeting last week, the industry also pointed out that the monopoly supplier of ore will lead to reversal of supply and demand in the ore quickly when cut, so the current price of iron ore to determine the inflection point has been premature.

    "This year, (iron ore prices) would like to return to the more than 180 U.S. dollars will be difficult,iron chain estimates drop to $ 150 or so, time is the time in the 3-4 quarter turn," "a senior United metal ore Hu Kai, an analyst said.

    China housing prices to stabilize prices and the introduction of the continuous tightening, and the fear of soaring international oil prices, global economic growth, resulting in commodity prices since the end of a significant correction from 2. Iron ore prices also increased from late February near the record high of 200 dollars per tonne, down to the current 160 dollars, a drop of 20%.

    International iron ore giants focus more from the medium to long term, stressing that China will continue to support demand for iron ore prices. Vale, Rio Tinto and CVRD believes that China's vast and should be further developed western region will be driven by further growth in the steel industry sources, although the eastern coastal areas of steel production close to the peak.

    More experts are convinced that the accelerated pace of China to go out and substantial domestic ore mining, will fully meet the new demand for iron ore in China, and in the 3-4 quarter is domestic ore market to produce the most productive time, and steel mills has not yet begun Dongchu, this period of domestic ore price should be the most depressed time.

    Over the past few years, Chinese demand is considered the world's iron ore and other commodities prices push the major promoter. In the past ten years the annual volume of seaborne iron ore trade has more than doubled to 10 million tons of iron ore prices rise quickly several times, mainly due to the steel industry in China and other emerging countries, the demand-driven.

    However, demand for the global mining giant to promote increase in production capacity. CVRD plans to increase production in 2015 522 million tons last year, 3.11 million tons; plans by Rio Tinto Pilbara mines in Australia and Guinea Simandou investing heavily in projects to raise output more than 1 million tons.

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