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Industrial base of the mold to form the "six foot utmost" situation

    In recent years, the rapid development of China's mold industry, according to International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Executive Secretary Luo Baihui introduced in all local government support and encouragement, China has formed more than 50 mold gathering base, improve the industrial chain, attract foreign capital and strengthen social investment has played an active role.

    Characteristics of the geographical distribution of the growing mold industry, forming, from regional distribution,swing chain the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta as the center of the southeast coast of the fastest growing, Chongqing, Chengdu and Chongqing are jointly build China's third pole of the mold industry.

    Guangdong: Die industry leader Union standards to optimize the industrial development.

    Guangdong is China's leading mold of today's market is the largest province of the mold export and import. 40% of the national output of more than die from Guangdong, and the rate of mold and CNC machining equipment, iron chain equipment performance, mold processing technology, degree of specialization in production ahead of the level and standards of other provinces and cities.

    At present ranking the top 10 enterprises in Guangdong holds five, the world's largest supplier of mold and die manufacturers in Asia are the largest in Guangdong.

    With further optimization of industrial structure of Guangdong, petrochemical, automotive, electronics, high-tech and other industries in Guangdong mold are put forward higher requirements. Guangdong mold the next few years will become increasingly sophisticated and complex. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui advocacy, awareness of the mold industry standards should be strengthened to fully understand the significance of participation in standards development, business development to stand position.

    Recently, the Dongguan to develop and publish "Chang metal mold," "Hengli Plastic mold" a number of industry standards, for the further transformation and upgrading of local mold industry has provided technical support. According to Luo Baihui introduction, Dongguan City, the successful completion of the mold industry technology alliance covering the straight bar sliding pillar, straight bar tank sliding guide pillar, sliding pillar shoulder, strap tank-type sliding guide post, removable sliding guide post, removable tank-type sliding guide post, removable double screw type sliding guide post, guide sleeve sliding straight bar, straight bar tank sliding guide sleeve, strap the 10 sets of sliding guide parts Alliance standards, these standards will promote mold, Dongguan City, the current standard part of production and development needs.

    With the further development of economic globalization and international competition becomes more intense, a standard increasingly prominent role and status. Competition become the standard product competition, brand competition and then a deeper level, higher level, the form of greater competition. Throughout the world, successful companies, without exception, a standardized model. General Motors, Wal-Mart, IKEA, KFC, McDonald's, Panasonic, Toyota, etc., held numerous. McDonald's operations manual has 560 pages, including on how to roast a beef pie to write more than 20 pages. For businesses, enterprises to participate in standards development one can adjust the quality of products first to market opportunities Qiangdian; second is to improve business in the same industry and market visibility, build brand; third is to guide the direction of development of the industry, and even caused by the repositioning of the industry; fourth is to improve the recognition of the degree of enterprise products in the market; five is good business to expand market share and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Luobai Hui said, precisely because such benefits, Dongguan mold industry standards for completion of the 10 Union, for the moment is in the transformation and upgrading of the related enterprises, the significance can not be discounted.

    Dongguan mold Union standards, comparing countries with similar international standards, combined with the Japanese standard of precision high and the national standard materials in line with domestic production and demand of both the characteristics of effective integration of the national standards, national standards and the League of internal standards to address the mold standard parts industry development of key issues. Consistent with the current status of die standard parts production and development needs. The award criteria also filled in the mold standard part of Dongguan City, on the materials, precision required fields blank, the entire mold standard part in promoting the development of the industry has played a positive role.

    There are more than 1,000 mold companies in Dongguan in 2010, annual output value of 200 billion.

    But because the national standard is lagging behind, the indicator is low. According to the characteristics of industrial clusters, the local government and enterprises industry-standard reference die in Japan to develop a series of eight die Union standards. After the implementation of Union standards in the industry, effectively improve the overall quality of the mold. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Executive Secretary-General Luo Baihui that, select the appropriate implementation of industrial clusters Union standards to improve the threshold of industrial technology, elimination of non-standard production, in a certain level to optimize the development of industrial clusters, and thus enhance the regional the overall competitiveness of the brand, forming a "Government + Association + Enterprise" co-operation of the model.

    In order to encourage enterprises to actively participate in standards development, Dongguan city government has a policy-oriented financial incentives to enterprises. Introduced last year, "Dongguan City, the implementation of measures to promote standardization in manufacturing and operation procedures," states that every leading the development of a Union standards, rewards 5 million. In addition, the annual subsidy of technical standards for pilot Zhen Jie 2-3, 20 million funding for each pilot Zhenjie. Annual subsidy of 10 pilot enterprises of technical standards, 5 million for each pilot enterprise funding. From the government level, the development of industry standards and widely practiced Union, you can crack the scale-free production of a range of issues, thus creating industrial clusters brand.

    Currently, Dongguan has participated in the establishment and revision of international, national, industry, local standard 205, including 4 international standard, national standard 110, the industry standard of 81, 10 local standards, developed and released the 11 industry alliance standards. Enterprises to participate in expanding the scope to cover the city's electronic information, food, hardware, building materials, textiles and garments, electrical machinery and other key industries.

    "Dongguan" towards internationalization, to take pride in the standards. Government introduced various preferential policies in support of enterprise technological innovation combined with the development of standards. Hope more and more enterprises, associations and enhance the standardization of alliance consciousness, focusing on standardizing the training of professionals, the international exchange of scientific and technological innovation combined with technical standards.

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