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China fastener exports is the key technology to improve

    At present China's annual exports of $ 600,000,000 to the EU fasteners, fastener 180 million U.S. dollars of imports, imports of fasteners are high-end products, high technology content. The EU raised the big stick of anti-dumping on Chinese exports to the EU imposed fasteners 64 ~ 87% of the high anti-dumping tariffs.

    This fastener industry is a serious blow to hinder the rapid development of China's fastener industry momentum, swing chain but also to accelerate the differentiation of the fastener industry and restructuring of manufacturing companies should carefully repeated, positive action. First, the fastener business to improve the technical level, we must start with improved equipment and technology to improve working, producing high-end fasteners to replace imported products. I think that the technical performance to the level of imported products, domestic enterprises will not take away homes in recent import, this is the current status of fastener enterprises in a favorable trend. Common examples in this regard, Shanghai Santana, domestic rate from 0 up to 80% or more, this is the product quality of domestic enterprises, and gradually replace the imported product success stories. iron chain This should follow the example of the fastener industry, for part or even most of the share of high-end fasteners to ease the pressure to reduce exports.

    Secondly, we must carefully study the project and the EU anti-dumping categories of steel screws, bolts, washers products have been proposed anti-dumping, while the nut products, stainless steel, nonferrous metal products not related to, our domestic companies to adjust product structure, to avoid open anti-dumping categories of production and increase exports.

    Third, the world market is broad and diverse. The traditional United States, Europe, Japan and other advanced industrial countries caused by the subprime mortgage crisis economic contraction, expansion potential is limited, we have to secure market share, should pay attention to the emerging markets. Fastener demand is everywhere, from airplanes, cars, down to the furniture, electrical appliances, have a wide demand, we have to segment the market, accurate positioning. Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, former Soviet Union, China's export market share in these regions is small, we can be concerned about focus, market development, the fastener exit road widening, through the efforts, may be present east of the west does not shine bright situation.

    Fourth, the international face of the grim situation, countries have taken to increase investment, the positive fiscal measures to stimulate domestic demand, the four trillion of investment will promote economic development of our society, especially railways, a large number of infrastructure investment, will bring the steel , infrastructure, machinery and other related industries to make up for the decline in export share. Investment in the four trillion, the fasteners will occupy a certain market share. Fastener industry to speed up integration, enhance their overall capacity, improve product quality, in stimulating domestic demand, provide quality products, make up or restore the EU anti-dumping caused partial loss of the product unmarketable.

    Anti-dumping on Chinese fastener industry is huge damage, besides actively counterclaim, we have to face reality, take specific measures to increase technology investment and improve the technological content of products. If the wave of anti-dumping, companies can even behind, I believe that these companies after the storms, the future will be more brilliant. Only the technology development on the forefront of business survival, our fastener products can withstand wind and rain, out of the old low-end exports, the export of power from the fastener fasteners development of export power.

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