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Grinding tool grinding machine tool into a general trend to replace the manual

    Speaking of portable drill cutter grinding machine so popular, Zhao Changming played such an analogy: the invention of mechanical transportation tool, once you have, and now there are people willing to walk long distances from home, or riding up the same token, if get used to drill \ cutter grinding machine bit \ cutter also been used to wear hand-drill \ cutter it?

    One can not only save the cost of production for enterprises, but also a headache for employers to resolve personnel issues machinery,swing chain there are several companies will refuse it?

    With domestic production technology and quality improvement, equipment manufacturers and tool use is also increasing the precision, the original hand-grinding technology change with the times, resulting in grinding technology of the fault, price expensive bit \ cutter repeat significant decline in utilization rates, potentially causing the tool is the increase in the cost of these phenomena in many advanced countries have already appeared, while the domestic similar phenomenon surfaced one by one, many company CEOs to get abrasive tool of professionals willing to re-owned mining and retention, but there is still a lot of the phenomenon of brain drain, iron chain resulting in reduced operating efficiency, production schedule slows down. Response to these serious problems out of the drill bit \ cutter grinding machines in the entire market demand, existence, epidemic.

    The portable drill, cutter grinding machine brings together experts in intelligence, reflected light, simple, fast and accurate design theory, basically to meet the current needs of manufacturers of related, but also resolve all enterprises, companies and manufacturers of CEOs in terms of cost, time, , efficiency, quality troubles. Machines to replace human is the result of the industrial revolution, but also the inevitability of industrial modernization. Now and in the future will be, too. Drill, cutter grinding machine tool grinding tool is a general trend to replace the manual, which also shows the bit, cutter grinding machine market is limitless, especially in the country that is in its infancy stage of development, it is a golden opportunity to market share .

    The global view, and now the Chinese market increasingly with international standards, hardware manufacturing industry across the continent obviously felt the gap with foreign counterparts, the pressure continued to increase, and in the continuous production of export growth, manufacturers need to change the higher quality of the line, so they had to ingratiate oneself in the "fine" this one. And prompt action has been the major manufacturers have started to prepare, then based on past habits, there will be many small manufacturers to follow suit over the region. For such cases, most of the products in the domestic market has been unable to meet our customers high quality, high precision demand, portable drill, cutter grinding machine just to fill this vacancy.

    First, the current market sales of portable drill, cutter grinder, the grinding of the drill, cutter concentricity of up to 0.01mm, high-precision global unique Ji II, is the world leading level, and its high technology content, not easy copy, has the advantage of not being replaced.

    Second, for the sake of products of high precision, and is still accurate after prolonged use, products with high quality, cost of materials production, so failure rate, high accuracy.

    Third, the product designed to meet the human needs that meet the market demand is simple, rapid feature allows users to quickly get started, and everyone is very Zhi excessive ex situ precision grind a bit, milling cutter.

    Fourth, there is a market demand for products that have market development of, drill, cutter grinding machine manufacturer will be indispensable for the future good helper, the popularity of the sales market, a proxy is necessary to consider the elements of products.

    Fifth, after the sale of products will be a permanent benefit. The product is not a disposable product, but only with a dedicated special grinding machine which is portable grinding machine of the core of advanced technology, if the change for other wheel, the absolute accuracy is not guaranteed, and grinding wheel is a consumable, need to be changed from time to time.

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