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Analysis of 2011 China National Metals and opportunities facing the development of three major international

    Economic development into 2011, China's hardware industry is gradually emerging from the financial crisis, increasingly strong in the domestic case, the export situation is gradually restored. Accept the lessons of financial crisis, China's hardware business in Europe to retain the international market, but also to look increasingly to invest in other overseas markets, to avoid the recurrence of "all eggs in a cage installed," swing chain the lesson.

    Live up to expectations, people in our hardware carefully cultivated and careful observation, the overseas people overjoyed, there are indications that China's hardware industry "take advantage of."

    Market infrastructure in Eastern Europe led to strong demand for hardware.

    According to the British "Financial Times" reported on the 24th, affected by the crisis, Central and Eastern European companies looking for cheaper sources of supply, the Government also hopes to attract more foreign investment, China is increasingly becoming their first choice. Chinese enterprises in business activities in Eastern Europe, mainly in electronics, automotive and infrastructure areas, such as building mobile networks in Hungary, in Poland, roads, investment in power plants in Serbia, such as making cars in Bulgaria, iron chain the influence is growing.

    Comprehensive analysis, infrastructure can not do without the support of hardware industry. And I learned that Central and Eastern Europe protectionist barriers to trade relatively small, but has a good infrastructure and human resources, future economic development will be more rapid, with a strong attraction for investors is a good hardware business overseas home.

    Brazilian auto parts supply.

    It is understood that the Brazilian auto parts market in 2011 will total 45 billion rials (about 256 billion U.S. dollars), half of which will be the market value of imported products. But I believe that the positive side, this shows that Brazil's auto parts industry, there is a great investment.

    Domestic enterprises to enter the parts of Brazil, to note that the manufacturing and suppliers to improve the quality of parts and components industry to meet the needs of the Brazilian car market. The quality to win new markets, or the adverse impact of the brand, the market is difficult to open up again.

    African market demand can "take advantage of."

    In most people's eyes, the beautiful and mysterious African continent, always war, poverty linked. In fact most of Africa is stable and secure. As of 9 million people, 56 countries and regions in Africa, is rich in resources but industrial backwardness, it is inexpensive, "China" comes into play.

    Now China and Africa are in the 70s of last century a similar stage of development, particularly strong demand for consumer goods. Almost all African countries to light industry, textile, garments, hardware, watches, bedding, appliances, electronics and other products, demand is great. For example, a vice minister of Nigeria, before he was always buying things from Europe, but since his 2005 first came to China, fell in love with Chinese products. He came to China every year 3 to 4 times, and his recently renovated home, decoration materials used are all made in China, including marble, sanitary ware, lighting, paint, hardware, home of mineral water machines, furniture and even metal stairs .

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