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Analysis: The hardware industry has brought chaos to the hardware business opportunities

   Currently, the hardware on the market various brands yell and cry, massive, racking their brains to expand brand awareness, but most methods are not appropriate, the effect is not significant.

   Growing chaos in the hardware industry to bring good business opportunities for hardware, companies find their own position, struggling to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, looking for bigger opportunity,swing chain will eventually be a large number of giant companies.

   Star listing and financing, and then positioning of hand tools like a leader: the accumulation of stars through the years of foreign trade, in financial strength and R & D levels are in the forefront of the industry. Successful listing last year, making the stars according to their own understanding of the market, sweeping the enterprise strategic plan, their primary task is to quickly build a mature channel, "+ hardware store boutique" as a star of the independent channels to try, far-reaching . Through a number of initiatives are likely to quickly become a superstar of Chinese indigenous brands in the high-end tools for the leader.

   An extension from manufacturing to brand management: An extension of the brand is widely known by the industry,iron chain which is something this year. An extension of Taiwan enterprises in the sleeve's production capacity and quality control are the highest domestic and turned the operation of the domestic market of the brand, mainly due to the force or the market. An extension but with the high quality product quality control system and the R & D capabilities, the operation for the brand, the core issue has been resolved, but they still face extensive product line and the lack of mature enough sales team issues, to the rapid growth of domestic high-end brand, a range of issues must be addressed.

   As long as companies strive to accurately find their own position, and struggling to build enterprise's core competitiveness, the development of differentiation strategies to achieve sustainable positive development, it will eventually create a number of strong well-known enterprises. The following companies, some from the adoption of the brand, channel strategy started, some struggling through the capital market to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, struggling to find a breakthrough.

   Effective channel strategies for change supermarket chains: effective new strategy for the channel, both the market component of the force, but also actively looking for effective means, effective positioning determines its fiercely competitive environment, companies must in order to develop models innovation, so effective thought to enter the three or four lines in urban and rural, through a rich product line to achieve the channel change - to achieve effective chain of 5,000 supermarkets, such channels have been formed, the advantage will be effective for many years.

   Which saw the development of China's hardware industry today, still in the growth stage, growth will inevitably bring about a seemingly chaotic situation, a situation not only their own reasons, there are still imperfect market economy, rule of law not standardized, transparent, and other deep-seated reasons for the market. But there are disadvantages to advantage, such a situation for the local hardware business in China, it is a good opportunity, so-called Luanzhongqusheng, start of both, but also muddy the water we go catch fish, and growth opportunities more accessible.

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