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Kuba net buy into the market, buy the fire exception furniture market

    Buy more and more recent fires, buy web sites such as bamboo shoots as the emergence of some large portal sites have also involved. Kuba net buy channel has recently been formally launched, Kuba shopping network registered users can buy directly involved in the move marks the formal entry into the buy Kuba network market.

    Peng Liang, swing chain vice president of network said Kuba, Kuba shopping network currently supports only buy services in Beijing, after a few months will continue in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other Kuba launch buy services branch is located.

    It is understood that the present Kuba net buy products of home building materials, products involved in the kitchen, bathroom, tiles, metal, paint, flooring, lighting, accessories and other categories, Peng Liang buy goods that Kuba can enjoy the corresponding network site service protection.

    Wang Zhi,iron chain CEO, said the whole Kuba, Kuba network select the first home building materials do buy, buy the one hand, the domestic market in order to fill in the blank on home building materials, as well as to further improve their service system, do buy Kuba Network buy web site in line with the platform development trend.

    Zhi-chuan, Kuba network appliances located in the vertical online shopping areas, and the home building industry is an industry chain downstream, hoping Kuba net consumer customers from home furnishings to appliances to enjoy one-stop service, which itself is also industry resources as a new integration model, which I hope this useful to try to get a positive market recognition.

    China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Secretary-General (microblogging) said that this year will be the buy of the industry reshuffle, the market will quickly eliminate a large number of serious homogeneity, the lack of core competence buy sites like this in itself Kuba Appliance Network is a channel, select the field with their own business in the same industry in the areas upstream and downstream industry chain development effort Customers, on the other online shopping companies have great reference.

    Analysys International statistics show that, as of March, the domestic buy site has reached 3265, and in March last year, the number of domestic sites or buy very few, that is, since last 3 months, the domestic buy Web site nearly every day during the expansion rate of 10.

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