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General manufacturing bulk up website marketing innovation multiplier effect

    Steel and other raw materials continued to rise, forcing more low-cost manufacturing to marketing, and efficient mode transformation, innovation, marketing, manufacturing business owner to become a major issue, network marketing because of its flexibility, cost-effective and widely accepted.

    Speaking of marketing in recent years, changes in the manufacturing sector, also introduced a small manufacturing owner, salesman, run the streets, buyers around the traditional business model is to fly through a network line, swing chain a fundamental change in address manner. Recently, the reporter also learned that more and more small and medium manufacturing enterprises begin to bulk up for general web site, into the tide of online marketing: for example, standard parts, Wujiang Huayi Precision Metal Co., Ltd. registered in Jiangsu Keyword; Jiangyin South Common Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is registered in one breath the furnace area equipment, wheel saws, bar grinding machine, billet grinding machine, grinding machine and a series of general-purpose Web site, covering almost all business,iron chain staged on the Internet a "device show."

    Keyword staged equipment manufacturers "equipment show", the effect is visible.

    General site considerations that up, south of General Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jiangyin responsible person Yuan Fang told reporters: "The less involved in the manufacturing sector in terms of marketing, the network is clearly the best means of promotion. However, in consultation with many colleagues found that online advertising, search engines, and other input methods is relatively high, to suffer for their raw material prices of machinery manufacturers to bear. And then there is click fraud on the market and so on, the network marketing effect is not seeing is believing, We need to be real statistics, marketing, visual effects and can be expected to improve cost control. So, after considering various factors, we decided to up GM Web site, it can achieve marketing results visualization, so our business marketing multiplier effect. "

    Yuan Fang also pointed out: "manufacturing enterprise network marketing has been relatively simple, while the integration of a variety of general website marketing, forming a network of more efficient marketing system, for example, we landed Keyword 'win marketing alliances', you can get the four major marketing advantage: cost fixed, integrated fusion, running through marketing, visual effects. Furthermore, general-purpose Web site can be integrated search engine marketing, website marketing industry, marketing and other marketing portal, which allows generation of our business internet marketing fusion effect of integration to achieve the purpose of running through the marketing. "

    Mentioned application effect, Yuan Fang said: "Keyword can be said that our trump card to win the future market, not only can help dramatically improve our site visits, and allow enterprises to monitor Internet marketing can be statistical, visualization, as we increase the number of visible access to opportunities. now sales have improved significantly, customer visits have greatly increased, the effective conversion rate of site access to a large increase, and many have been the formation of secondary sales. Now, the company received a number of customers every day Tel procurement, because these customers through common Web marketing platform we have a preliminary understanding and trust, so the turnover rate is very high. "

    Note General Website How SMEs, the promotion stopped showing opportunities.

    Another million registered enterprises in Wujiang City, head of Standard Parts Co., Ltd. related to the situation Xing Ling said: "We registered the GM Web site in Jiangsu precision metal after spending a year in fixed costs, GM can visit the website to 'win marketing alliance' , Sina General Website exclusive channels, well-known search engines, 100 of the Harbor and commercial operators through thermal station platform showing the four dominant brand, comprehensive display of corporate brands, effective brand communication to corporate website to achieve the scale. "

    In the increasingly fierce market competition, the survival of the fittest is the ancient truth. To stabilize the Camp machinery manufacturers, to break new ground, then the transformation of technological innovation and marketing model to be deployed simultaneously, while the GM Web site can be said to attempt a very cost-effective use of general website this marketing tool, not only fully display the corporate brand, but also allows enterprises to gain more business opportunities. There are industry estimates, as more small and medium manufacturing enterprises registered with the application, general web site registrations will be greater improvement.

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