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China Bearing Industry Association of the "Advanced Institute" title

    March 28, 2011, China Machinery Industry Federation was held in Beijing, three members of Congress and three tenth anniversary of the General Assembly, from the national machinery industry enterprises, research institutes, such as more than 400 people attended the meeting. China Bearing Industry Association, the Secretary-General Wang Quanqing attended the meeting.

    The former CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Luo Gan, secretary of Politics and Law Committee, SASAC director Wang Yong, deputy director of Hwang and the Ministry of Industry Minister Miao Wei,swing chain vice minister of the Soviet-Polish and other leading comrades have to be, Miao Wei, Hwang, and, the Soviet-Polish and other leaders comrades have spoke at the meeting.

    The meeting summed up China's machinery industry has made great achievements and the outstanding contributions made by the national economy. The meeting also commended the Machinery Industry "Advanced Institute" and "Advanced Workers Association," In recent years, as China Bearing Industry Association, for the government, for the industry, as a member (business) services, play a role as a link in the organization of industries and enterprises the generic technology research, promote independent innovation industry has made great achievements, it was named the China Machinery Industry "advanced association"iron chain Comrade Ho group was named "Outstanding Association workers," Wang Quanqing central axis of the Representative office received the Association medals.

    March 29, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee of CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin Wang Yong, director of the SASAC, accompanied down to the General Assembly hall, met with representatives of all participants, Wang Quanqing Secretary-General as "advanced Association" Chairman Jia Qinglin also met with representatives of grip hands.

    Chairman Jia when he met delegates and made an important speech.

    Jia Qinglin first meeting of the General Assembly and the China Machinery Industry Federation, expressed warm congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the establishment, the National Machinery Industry fronts extend my cordial greetings to the cadres and workers.

    Jia said that China's machinery industry, especially after half a century since the reform and opening up, construction and development, has formed a wide range of considerable size and strength of the industrial system, the country has made important contributions to economic and social development.

    Jia stressed that this is the "second five" first year. Just concluded the "two sessions" to consider adoption of the "Twelve Five Year" Plan, for the machinery industry has further pointed out the direction, as well as new and higher requirements. He hopes to make four: First, efforts to adjust and optimize industrial structure, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of machinery industry. Second, to vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, into the inexhaustible motive force for the development of machinery industry. Third, push forward energy conservation, to develop green manufacturing. Fourth, accelerate the implementation of the "going out" strategy to enhance the international competitiveness of the machinery industry.

    Jia hopes that China Machinery Industry Federation, better play on the Alliance government, the second line bridge the business, pay attention to tap their own unique advantages, adhere to standard operation, innovation system and platform, a creative way to carry out services, rally the industry in all aspects force, to promote the revitalization and development of machinery industry, an early leap from big to strong, and make new and greater contributions.

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