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Door and window industry in 2011 of terminal distributors operating conditions

   Xiao Bian visited Chengdu, nine are the major building materials stores learned that this year the doors and windows franchise store more than about one-third of last year, visited some of the doors and windows in this year's business,swing chain dealers said a lot worse than last year. WISE WOOD manager told the author, doors and windows market is now really very competitive, profit down some doors and windows.

    Operating pressure, most choose markdowns.

    Auspicious doors, said doors and windows in order to grab consumers, we have chosen to cut prices to attract consumers to patronize. The reason is that as more and more windows and doors brand presence in Chengdu market, on the one hand, the brand consumers choose more than in the past; on the other hand, with transportation costs, raw material prices, rising sales staff salaries and other factors, brand doors and windows of dealers are iron chain feeling pressure.

    Optimistic about the second half of the market prospects.

    "I opened two new stores this month, the other ongoing renovation of several stores, and this is intensified by the off-season to enhance the image of the store." Chengdu, doors and windows, a proxy Feiyu dealers said that although the doors and windows a few months the market in Chengdu greatly influenced by the real estate, but I think immediately of the May Day Golden Week and the second half of the traditional sales season, the market demand is quite large, plus doors and windows to distributors join Feiyu policy support operations up and even easier on the second half of the sales market is still very good. It is understood that by this time to step up dealer shop fitting and new minority one hand, they have strong financial strength, on the other hand took the opportunity to seize market share.

    Strength is not strong dealers will be greatly affected.

    It is responsible for regional sales Feiyu door staff, door and window dealers are also being formed terminal pattern of the strong stronger, agents distributors often big brands do not just a brand and a class of products. "Take our Feiyu, there are a lot of dealers in the agent terminal aluminum door of our other brands began to expand." Feiyu windows official said. Therefore, sales of windows and doors market downturn does not cause a significant impact on them, their agents and other types of products still have very good sales. And it is precisely some of the smaller windows and doors are not strong brands and the strength has been greatly affected dealers, product no competitive advantage and ability to withstand risks errands they had to cut shops and reduce expenses.

    Windows and doors distributors face a reshuffle.

    This year, changes in the market for windows and doors and other doors and windows Xingyu door windows and doors market, enterprises and end-all had a tremendous impact, especially in recent months, domestic sales continued to decline in windows and doors, both the enterprise and the enormous pressure on dealers. Person in charge of door-related Xingyu spoke: "The whole market changes, changes in market structure to the terminal doors and windows, doors and windows are also prompted us to further refine the market and dealers in order to seize market share."

    Power door, according to Wei (Hongyu St. James) relevant responsible person said: "This year's windows and doors market changes, although windows and doors for domestic small and medium enterprises caused great trauma, but the development and promotion of the industry with some help, the enterprise must characteristics of its own products and sound marketing network to capture the market, seeking to survive, and have the brand strength of influence and business enterprises will highlight the ability to grasp the market, show the brand's value. "

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