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Trends: "Twelve Five" highlight the three bright spots during the bathroom market

    For 2011, prices of home building materials market news is not new, it is understood that this year's upstream and downstream of the raw material markets, labor, logistics and other costs rise together, wood, ceramics class, the general price increase of about 5%, metal products material price increases are obvious.

    For ceramics, the prices of raw materials and hardware products for the impact of the bathroom is very large,swing chain the face of market pressure sanitary ware market highlights three major trends.

    Bathroom home market potential.

    In the Home, consumers ultimately will choose a comfortable bathroom equipment used to improve the quality of life. Sanitary industry in China has experienced multiple tests, "Twelve Five" period, accounting for an important position in China's manufacturing economy will be faced with structural adjustment and industrial restructuring, innovative thinking into the industry lead.

    China Building Decoration Association, Committee Secretary-General Zhang Ren residential decoration that China's sanitary enterprises, and improve product quality, we must also strengthen the importance of product design. Designers should continue to emancipate the mind, breaking the shackles of traditional thinking,iron chain so that the design of sanitary enterprises gradually with the world.

    And other products, to create the industry's own brand is the top priority of business development, especially the decoration of the necessary facilities, how to better integrate consumer demand, reflecting the concept of comprehensive and thoughtful, while the brand to be unique, indeed worth exploring in depth the industry.

    Sex, choose to promote on the site; The second is that well-developed network of outreach programs.

    Old bathroom are new business opportunities.

    Premier Wen Jiabao at the Eleventh National People's Congress, pointed out that the fourth meeting, "five-second" period is the accelerated development of China's aging population period, population aging will be even more severe situation, the elderly need to accelerate the establishment of a sound social service system, strengthen the construction of public welfare pension services, the proposed national health insurance will include the issue of elderly key areas of concern.

    So join the ranks of business in the elderly to find new business opportunities. Born in 70 years, Jiang's first public couple, there are old, under a small generation, "the elders in their physical mobility, usually take a bath, took to the streets and other activities are people Auntie La Tortura." Mr. Jiang Shoumin "China Joint Business News" reporter said, "especially the bathroom, hoping to do some specifically designed for the elderly, for example, in the bathroom products you can make some appropriate adjustments to enhance the slip coefficient of the floor, install handrails and other necessary, so that the elderly in the bath to ensure security. In addition, we hope sanitary equipment design as much as possible the simplicity of some elderly people to avoid the collision and fell. "

    Intelligent bathroom into a trend.

    Sanitary industry, the tide gradually began to develop in the direction of various intelligence and intelligence has increasingly become part of people's lives.

    Faenza Ware relevant responsible person said: "In 2011, more obvious trend of bathroom products, intelligent, intelligent sanitary products will fill the entire bathroom space." Hang clean bathroom, Assistant General Manager Liu Jianhao that from the technical aspects of bathroom, intelligent and integrated product development trend is irreversible.

    Xiao Bian visited the market, found that although the potential of intelligent bathroom products have appeared, but now in the market penetration is not high, in addition to price factors, discouraged consumers outside of which there are still many misunderstandings, such as some consumers believe that smart Bathroom may need to process more complex operations. But I believe that with the continuous improvement of living standards, smart bathroom products on the market will become the new darling of the bathroom.

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