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Professional services of crises into opportunities for SMEs to grow up happily

    In 2010, Foshan, Guangdong, proposed the "four modernizations integration, intelligence Foshan" development strategy, through information technology and industrialization, cities and towns, international integration, to further promote local economic development.

    In recent years, the Government of Foshan particularly concerned about the development of local SMEs, called on companies to upgrade through the modern enterprise management, and promote rapid development of enterprises. swing chain In 2009, Foshan as a "healthy growth of SMEs plan" one of the implementation, vigorously strengthen the building of enterprise information for enterprises to create a favorable environment for development, with the depth of information in the application, Foshan SMEs access to the fast development, and thus driving the rise of a strong regional economy, as the Pearl River Delta economic circle the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading of the representatives.
    Foshan experience: Information to accelerate the "crises", "machine" conversion.

   The PRD is China's third largest economy in the forum, private economic development momentum.iron chain Foshan Pearl River Delta economic circle as the important region in economic development with a clear "the manufacturing industry city" color, 2009, total industrial output value over 12 trillion, ranking second in Guangdong Province. At the same time, Foshan adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, many foreign trade enterprises, with the global economy are inextricably linked. In the continuing impact of the international financial crisis, the Foshan industry will bear the brunt of the big blow, only there are more than 1200 years 2008,2009 enterprises closed down, converting. Faced with an increasingly grim situation of the development, in July of this year, Guangdong Province issued a "promotion of the private views of the level of economic development" for the Pearl River Delta region to upgrade the private economy provided policy support to encourage private enterprises to use information technology and other modern high-tech technology to upgrade traditional manufacturing industry level. Foshan upgrading SMEs actively through the information, technological and other means to change the backward mode of operation for enterprises to upgrade and accelerate the development of consolidating a firm foundation.

   Music from the Shunde District of Foshan City Industrial Distribution Co., Ltd. is a trading company, mainly engaged in galvanized sheet, pickling plate, electrolytic plate, hot and cold plates and other products. Since the transition to private limited company in 1995 after the music obtained from the rapid industrial development, as Handan Iron and Steel, Pan Hua, Anshan Iron and Steel Enterprises and many other domestic dealers. As the business continues to grow, the management level of music from industrial development can not keep up the pace gradually. As stock brand, size, type of complicated, difficult to manage, low efficiency, resulting in a serious backlog of inventory. The impact of the global financial turmoil, the trade market price fluctuations are very frequent, very hard to ensure corporate profits, inventory takes a lot of money virtually increase the hidden costs of enterprises will be drawn into the development of music from the crisis of industry.

   In order to change operating conditions, enhance the ability to resist risks, general manager of music from the industry to participate in various business management learning regular communication classes, and other corporate management through experience sharing, information management aware of the importance of enterprise development. Information in order to catch up with high-speed trains, music from the industrial deployment of the UF Chang Jie Tong enterprise management software, and relying on the guidance of local SME Information Station Computer Co., Ltd. Foshan City, Yi provided by the Friends of professional services, business inventories and sales operations centralized management. Information management system on-line running, the working efficiency of employees increased by 3 times, inventory turns improved 10%. For the steel trade industry, lower inventory means that the increase in liquidity for enterprises to accelerate the development of a sustained financial support. At the same time, Foshan site training provided by the Friends is easy, regular lectures and other information service can resolve the SMEs lack the human resources bottleneck in the development of information, through human resources and reserves to help companies out of the predicament in the future sustainable development.

   Through professional services help SMEs to grow up happily.

   Compared with large enterprises, small and medium enterprises based on thin information, application level is relatively low, the lack of information professionals, more professional companies to provide personal service. UF Chang Jie Tong in Foshan as the only five-star partner, friends, Foshan Chang Jie Tong Yi uphold the long-term full service concept, business conditions for SMEs to provide medical, information technology solutions optimization, and other information technology projects include the implementation of enterprise information of the whole process of service, in 2008, Foshan, Friends of the Ministry of Industry and easily passed the "SME information support" accredited as the first information Foshan counseling station. In 2009 the Ministry of Industry jointly implemented with the UF Chang Jie Tong "SME healthy growth plan" in the Foshan region as the backbone of information technology implementation, as set up by the UF Chang Jie Tong is responsible for SME information platform for public service as part of actively assist the realization of enterprise information construction from scratch, the leap from weak to strong, to help SMEs with information for business innovation and transformation, technological innovation and more effective use of financial services, full service business to grow up happily.

   To enable more information to small and medium enterprises to fully enjoy the fruits of management, Foshan easy to launch the Friends of the four service modules: one is sent home for the professional medical division medical companies, propose appropriate solutions, and on-site management of information to SMEs knowledge training and consulting services; the second is information from time to time hold a large lecture hall, excellent schools and enterprises management scholars invited guest at the event, communications management experience and knowledge, the latest tax policy and corporate information management concepts such as business managers at all levels to bring relevant content; third is regularly held sand table exercises simulate business activities, business managers a deep understanding of the difficulties and loss of profits unconsciously, and by a senior consultant Chang Jie Tong Reviews applications to enhance the level of enterprise information. Fourth, software, training activities are held regularly to enhance the user software application for SMEs capacity. Mode through the joint implementation of the four services, and enhance awareness of SMEs to information and practical application of information technology capabilities.

   Up to now, Foshan friends easily organized "information Lecture Hall" more than 20 games, more than 300 regular training sessions, training nearly 2,000 small and medium enterprises, involving steel, ceramics, furniture, clothing, hardware, hotels and other industries . Through professional, high quality information technology services to small and medium enterprises to deepen applications to enable enterprises to overcome the crisis, the information into tangible business benefits, the implementation of information technology to further enhance the confidence of small and medium enterprises and to accelerate enterprise restructuring and upgrading.

   Chang Jie Tong on the UF Software Limited.

   UF Chang Jie Tong, Chinese SME management software market, the first national subscribers.

   Chang Jie Tong UF Software Limited (hereinafter referred to as "UF Chang Jie Tong") is the UF Software Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary. UF Chang Jie Tong "information technology to promote social and commercial progress" for the mission, dedicated to small and medium enterprises, government, public utilities and non-profit organizations to provide professional, standard, flexible, easy to use information technology products and professional services, is China's largest small business management software products and services.

   Chang Jietong UF UF Group, formerly known as the original small management software division, was established in January 2005. Over the years and the majority of channel partners through win-win cooperation, the UF Department of Small Business Management Software has become the largest small business management software products and services. T series software for five consecutive years won the China Software Industry Association, "China's outstanding software products," the title for three consecutive years since 2007 the company won the CCID "China Management Software Market in the success of small businesses."

   The main products are divided into UF Chang Jietong T-series for small and medium enterprise management software, for government agencies, public institutions and non-profit organization G Series Administrative management software, and all the customer base for Internet services and software and hardware tools services, operation and maintenance support services, information services C Series products. T series of different stages of development for SMEs, respectively to "improve efficiency" based T6 series, to "improve efficiency" based T3 series, to "sort out money and goods" based T1 line, with "easy terms tax, intelligent planning, "the main T-Tax series; for government agencies, public institutions and non-profit organization management at all levels of government, to provide" easy accounting, improve efficiency, "the G3 series, the" standardized management, improving service "G6-based series, with" vertical regulation, efficient collaboration, "the main multi-level units to meet the unified accounting, unified regulatory needs of the G9 series of software, and the tax authorities for the collection and management of the" efficient administration, fine assessment "based G-Tax series.

   Chang Jietong UF now has more than 70 million users, more than 2,000 dealers, more than 150 authorized service agencies throughout the country. First "full service model", according to the customer experience at different stages of information management issues and provide targeted professional services, including diagnostic operations, online services, remote service, field service, user training, customization services.

   UF Chang Jietong will comply "respect cooperation, professional progress, happiness and win-win" business manifesto professional help SMEs to grow up happily, to promote SMEs in information technology, promotion of SMEs contribute to the development!

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