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Past and lock the lock to the future with intelligent life safer

     Lock, with the daily life of the items most closely linked.

    Starting from the primitive society, the development of locks experienced a long and complex evolution, the main plug from the ancient spring lock stage, to the modern stage of mechanical locks, and are entering the era of the intelligent lock. With the social, technological, cultural progress, the security of mechanical locks has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the people, and, to some extent, the strength of security measures is actually the identity, status-related, electronic smart lock (including the code lock,swing chain card lock, Fingerprint, iris lock, etc.) as more and more obvious advantage of a new generation of identification technology, will gradually replace the mechanical lock to become the new hero lock industry.

    Ancient Society "lock" thinking.

    Humans began to "lock" the idea dates back to primitive society, mainly pressure in people with tungsten materials, and the rope tied with the festival. Until the age of the bolt and spring and casting technology,iron chain casting technology, the foundry industry with the development of hardware and the emergence of various materials and shapes of the locks, the most representative should be our common plug in films and television shows spring-type locks, such as three-tumbler lock, wide lock.

    Mechanical lock mainstream people do not always assured.

    Until the modern, mechanical locks gradually into people's lives, the structure is more from a single tumbler lock, towards multi, multi-faceted, multi-row development. However, the drawbacks of mechanical lock, or clear, easily destroyed by violence, the key is lost, replication status, always makes people nervous when in use.

    Lock gradually into people's lives.

    The emergence of intelligent lock, much to solve the drawbacks of mechanical lock, which allows people from dependence on the key to improve security. The so-called smart lock, is to electronics, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative identification technologies (including computer network technology, built-in software, card, network alarm, lock the mechanical design) and integrated products. Fingerprint lock from the German brand "Deshi Man" can be said is typical of an intelligent lock, has been increasingly recognized by the industry and also private enterprises in the Expo Hall will be applied.

    Intelligent lock to replace the mechanical lock is an inevitable trend, we have reason to believe that its unique smart lock technology, led the Chinese to get better locks the development of the industry, so that more people more confidence in more places use, but also make our future more secure.

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