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The first 9 months of Baosteel price cuts steel price situation to an end

    Steel price increase after another, the downstream demand under tight, Baosteel had announced the first price cut this year.

    Baosteel announced in May rolled down 300 yuan / ton, hot-rolled down 200 yuan / ton, 5,296 yuan is SPCC1.0mm cold roll / ton, SS4005.5mm coil 4592 yuan / ton, excluding tax; Also in April Cold "Budie" 300 yuan / ton, swing chain hot-rolled "Budie" 200 yuan / ton.

    "This is this year, Baosteel is the first time since August last year, prices." Joint metals analyst Hu Ping has told the author.

    Indeed, other domestic steel mills had already been cut steel prices in April, but withstood the pressure is not Baosteel price cuts. Steel prices from April of view, in addition to flat plate outside Baosteel, Anshan, Benxi Iron and Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel were decreased, a decline from 100 to 400 yuan / ton range. Including Anshan, Wuhan, and directly down river steel prices, the Benxi Iron and Steel, Shougang and so although not price cuts, but to varying degrees with the additional order discounts.

    The reason for the price cuts, the Swiss researchers, the U.S. special investment Metinvest steel cattle Wei told the author,iron chain as steel prices rose after another, costs a lot of downstream industries, many industries for high steel prices respond more strongly.

    It is understood that orders for steel in April the general good, but the manufacturers have started to decline orders. Baotou insiders recently told the author, the company in April orders fell to 90% this year, orders for the first 3 months is also up to 100%.

    Hu Ping said that the current number of downstream steel appliances and automotive industries, especially the order is not very good, and tight funding, the capacity for steel prices weakened.

    From March 11 PMI sub-index of view, the overall trend showed a slight rebound. Ibid month compared to purchasing volume index of imports index, the purchase price index fell, after which the two indices down nearly 2 percentage points; the rest of the index has increased, which finished goods inventory index rose by a big margin, more than 4 percentage points , 50% or more.

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