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Emerson Bearing design will be unveiled Global Spec Virtual Exhibition

    Emerson Bearing Company will be April 20, 2011 at GlobalSpec product design, virtual exhibition, the exhibition does not charge any fees.

    According to Emerson, president of SteveKatz bearing the introduction, "in today's increasingly fierce market competition, online product design exhibition will be organized to help each participant to obtain what they need to better knowledge, to keep alive the competitive Tamen sex. "

    swing chain SteveKatz added, "bearing is a veteran industry, in the current rapid development of the market economy may have been overlooked. We are an industrial distributor in the industry has fought more than fifty years. The key to the company to survive is that our sales team to give customers a high level of knowledge, through continuous integration of the company's stock, to adapt to the global sourcing needs of different industry groups,iron chain in addition to customers with different price, relative to a reasonable solution. "

    About 25 exhibitors unveiled the product design and development, of which Emerson is the only exhibition bearing bearing dealer. Emerson Bearing Company of visitors to patronize will learn the latest product information, along with the opportunity to communicate with the company's experts.
    2011 software bathroom tub or reform set off a new upsurge
    As the major appliances, bath tub has developed thousands of years.

    The continuous development of industry in the bathroom at the same time, our modern bath industry, the real history of only a few decades or so, to achieve greater results in the same time, but also exposed some problems. Recently, I visited the market around the bathtub, analysis, and interviews with some industry experts together for the healthy development of the industry bathtub offer advice and suggestions, but also bath industry development trend forecast, software, or will become a market favorite bath.

    2011 bath industry trends.

    The development of every industry will experience the start, the development period, high-speed development period (reshuffle), four stages of maturity. Sanitary industry in China by more than 20 years of development, has entered into a shuffle stage. Beginning in 2007, as the financial crisis, the real estate market, regulatory and other environmental impacts, sanitary industry, there have been many big moves in the integration of resources. "American Standard" twice changed hands, and ultimately by the Japanese, "Ina" into the pocket; Eagle bathroom, bathroom Jishi Duo musicians have been reverted to its; Kohler kitchen, Kai Tak has acquired Zhuhai, Zhongshan and add maple bathroom; Chongqing Textile Group wholly acquired four-dimensional bathroom; and Fujian Road over with and into, the buildings and Grohe have reached a strategic cooperation and so on. Whatever the form of the joint, increase strength, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, more and more popular combination seems to be a phenomenon and trends.

    The survey found that in the first-tier cities, Bath is fierce competition in the market, with the improvement of living standards, more and more affected by the high-end massage bath in hot pursuit of high-income customers. Bathroom companies in improving the layout of the city after the capital, to the second and third tier cities to open stores in the near future, the county-level market will become the bathtub enterprise channels the main battlefield of the war.

    When I realized that in order to a consumer survey, the domestic market for domestic bath is gradually increased brand awareness, many years of effort by domestic enterprises occupy a certain share of the market, perhaps in the near future, the domestic brands and international brands will usher in a rival era.

    Software bath will lead the next trend.

    Case of hot water that is soft as a sofa, designed according to human body structure, extremely flexible, so that consumers can fully enjoy the pleasure bath. Bath product called revolution - the emergence of software bath caused great concern in the industry. In the case of technological innovation software tub turned out, or will lead the next phase of the trend bathtub.

    Bath industry problems.

    First, the bathroom no standard construction specifications. Bath is the largest space within the bathroom bath products, consumers bathtub is installed in the home, with the chamber housing when the initial design has a direct relationship between the size of the bathroom. Currently, new bathroom the size of the ratio of real estate on the lack of a unified guiding criteria, the pattern also makes the company different is required in the production of bath design more specifications, style bath, is difficult to scale production. Rapid development in China, while sanitary industry, the standard imperfect has restricted a major bottleneck for sustainable development. The development of standardized building bathroom, bath will promote the healthy development of the industry, and thus for the development of quality bath products, specifications, providing favorable conditions.

    Second, the lack of brand leaders. Although our country has become a bathtub manufacture and sale of power, but look at the large number of domestic bathroom brands, domestic bathroom market has not yet a company can have 10% market share. Imports of high-end brand sanitary ware market is completely occupied, almost impossible to get involved in domestic brands. In many star hotels, senior clubs, rarely seen domestic bath brand. And Kohler, TOTO, and other international brands to enter the Chinese market soon to become the industry leading brands, leading domestic enterprises, the lack of brand, direct impact is difficult to lead the industry development trend, the industry has got the right to speak, to make it difficult to raise the image of domestic bath. Recommendations are currently, Wrigley, and other sanitary benefits of enterprises have occupied a certain market share, the seat of government enterprises, industry associations should be given greater support, create a leading brand in domestic enterprises, promote the comprehensive development of domestic enterprises.

    Third, the corporate brand level is not high. I visited the bathtub manufacturer in Foshan learned that, at present, the domestic production of bath products both in quality or technology has reached the international advanced level, but in the domestic market, the consumer's overall impression of domestic brands is still relatively poor. The main reason is many companies do when the domestic market, brand image, brand promotion efforts do not think that to do export business model, good product can bring order, resulting in brand value is very low. Suggested that domestic consumer market is already the era of the brand. Enterprises to survive, develop, and take the road of the brand is the only way. Enterprises must focus on brand building and promotion of higher value added products, brand strength is the concept of sales force.

    Fourth, industries with low barriers to entry. In recent years, the market hot bath, bathroom industry has been rapid development. However, the bath industry with low barriers to entry and the interests of flooding, many manufacturing companies have joined the ranks of bath, many of them family-owned SMEs. A large number of enterprises to enter the competition becomes extremely fierce price war, the product of varying quality, shoddy, plagiarism and other problems endemic to the market even more confusion. Proposed business license application in the bath when the enterprise to improve their access requirements. Such as increasing the registered capital, plant size, number of production facilities, to ensure that the normative into the enterprise, but also increased the cost of corporate law, which allows enterprises to balance, active compliance, to maintain sanitary line of formal development order.

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