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Net purchases of furniture, but not much more trouble miscellaneous follow-up most of the overhead Province

    Taobao total 680 set after the curtain cloth, Yang Jing finally completed the last transaction online. She excitedly told the Chongqing Evening News: "The curtains purchased online at least six or seven hundred dollars to save."

    Yang Jing Wen, Chongqing Technology and Business University Kenzo New College students, for decoration materials,swing chain she is now regarded as a "net share of people," she were 5 months to purchase materials online and festivals worldwide, including lighting, hardware, wallpaper and later the soft part of the material loaded, spent a total of 5000 yuan. According to her rough statistics, if the change in the physical shopping malls to buy, spend more than 3,000 yuan.iron chain Thus, in this part of the material she was spending 40% more than the budget saving.

    Miscellaneous metal material prices to buy only buy brand name goods.

    Metal materials plays a key role on the decoration quality, and a wide range of metal materials online, the price is also uneven. In online shopping, the Yang Jing adhere to the one principle: only buy brand name goods! She have been purchased online in the Merlin switch socket, nine leading animal husbandry, and angle valves, submarines, floor drain, high pressure pipes, HSBC and so on, these are the good reputation of hardware brand.

    Yang Jing buy switch socket is the first online transactions. According to the master list provided by the decoration, she need a total purchase of 61 different types of switches and sockets. Weekend went to the nearby building materials market inquiries, the owner told her that even the most common local brands, this cost is also more than 1,000 yuan.

    After thoroughly, Yang Jing recommended in the old shop where users buy their own needs switch socket, 61 Merlin series socket switch freight spent a total of 660, one-third cheaper than the market.

    She then also buy some water appliances and hardware. The store price of 400 yuan, animal husbandry, the whole nine brass basin mixer, online only buy into the 220. Animal husbandry, and angle valves leading nine single store cheaper than nearly 8 million. DTC hydraulic hinge 15 yuan in the store to sell her into 5.8 yuan to buy online. This part of doing, saving about 1,000 yuan Yang Jing.

    Great online shopping wallpaper water lamps overhead provinces more than half.

    As for the lamps, Yang Jing was originally prepared to buy in the store. But the preliminary understanding of it, found most of the expensive, a common living room lights at every turn thousands of the most simple bedroom ceiling is also more than 400 yuan; doing we need to buy Lighting in regulating the family, to spend at least 3,000 yuan. It made her once again chosen to online shopping.

    After asking that, most of the lights come from China Zhongshan, Guangdong, and she carefully selected a three-line shop in Zhongshan, respectively, purchased the 8 and 28 down light fixtures, together with the shipping cost just 1493 yuan . Result, most of the lamps is also very good quality, appearance and shopping malls which sell the same, but the price is lower than half.

    A time, friends to family to visit the accident found that Yang Jing living room lights and decorated in a market to buy their own exactly the same. Yang Jing buy this lamp with a 338 yuan, a friend, it took more than 1100 yuan, three times the full of her.

    Buy wallpaper, Yang Jing in the building materials market two dozen special fancy wallpaper, price per roll 280. Later, she found exactly the same in the online wallpaper, for only 78 yuan a roll, more than 3 times cheaper, Volume 6, a total savings of 1,100 yuan wallpaper.

    Online shopping can not be trouble.

    While online shopping can really save a lot of home improvement materials funds, but will also have some follow-up trouble.

    1, lamp handling large problems.

    Lamps and other large online shopping home delivery of goods to be, and often logistics company resident in a very remote place, not only far away, handling is even more difficult, ordinary cars do not fit in the back seat.

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