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China's steel industry suffered the situation of trade friction

    According to the China Trade Remedy Information Network statistics, in the field of anti-dumping investigations, in 2007, China's exports of steel products of foreign anti-dumping investigations were a total of 6 cases; 2008 case involving a further increase in steel products, reaching 12 cases. In 2009, foreign steel products for the Chinese anti-dumping cases decreased slightly to 10 cases.

    In 2010,swing chain foreign steel anti-dumping cases involving China is 8 onwards. Anti-subsidy investigations in the field, the number of cases involving steel products ranked first for the 14 cases, of which 2 in 2010, the United States is anti-subsidy investigations initiated by iron and steel products to China than any other country. 1995 to 2010, worldwide cases of safeguard measures, iron chain the number of cases involving steel products is 20, of which 1 related to China since 2010.

    In the field of technical barriers to trade, at present, foreign technical trade barriers on exports of steel products in China affecting measures mainly the European Union CE certification, the EU REACH legislation, the United States, "Clean Energy Security Act", Korean rebar KS certification system, the Canadian CSA certification.

    Semiconductor lighting the face of "five trillion U.S. dollars," temptation.
    Recently, China's first production of high quality LED chip technology companies large wing U.S. official said, the semiconductor technology is giving birth to a "lighting revolution." Its symbol is the semiconductor lighting will gradually replace traditional lighting.

    Deputy Secretary of Science and Technology, National Semiconductor Lighting Project group leader Li Jian said: "The development of semiconductor lighting industry in China has a huge opportunity." He believes that China has three major advantages: First, China has a huge lighting industry and lighting market, which the lighting industry in China has a huge space for development; the second is that China has with a certain technology and industrial base, through the "863" projects such as the support, China has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain; Third, the development of semiconductor lighting industry can play to our comparative advantages, semiconductor lighting industry, especially in the downstream industry chain, chip packaging and lighting industries, is both a technology-intensive industries, but also a labor-intensive industries, to give full play to our advantages in human resources.

    According to expert estimates, opto-electronics industry in 2010 to form 5 trillion market.

    According to industry insiders, if used as a light source, the same brightness, optoelectronic chip power consumption is only an ordinary incandescent lamp 1 / 12, and life can be extended 100 times. Its security, environmental protection, rich colors, and other significant advantages of miniaturization will become history following the incandescent lighting, fluorescent another landmark after the leap.

    Interested not only in major companies, but governments. Currently, the United States, Japan, the EU set up a special chosen by official organizations, budget and planning, the selection of white LED lighting. Japan's "21st century project" shall, from 1998 to 2002, spent 5 billion yen to implement white light illumination; United States national semiconductor lighting program is from 2000 to 2010 at a cost of $ 500,000,000 development of semiconductor lighting; EU "Rainbow Plan" has been launched in July 2000. China's Ministry of Science and in a timely manner with the world, together with other ministries, the official emergency last June launched the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project."

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