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Industry Insights: Practical popular fine metal parts market

    Recently, visited building materials stores and found that many hardware and building materials have opened up a hardware store display areas, so in the past obscure hardware accessories products become quite noticeable. The importance for the metal parts are to meet today's increasing focus on the details of the habits of consumers.

    Hing Fat stores in the lock, the lock to see a lot of display area stocked with beautiful shape, the locks work fine.swing chain According to the owner Mr Mok, the current style lock on the market more and more, and some look like a beautiful work of art, may be its function is a lock.

    According to reports, more popular on the market lock, mainly spherical shape, three-rod cover round-shaped handle, door lock and other embedded long cover several models, some of the lock handle two separate models. Among them, the ball inside the room normally used for door locks, the price from 10 yuan to 80 yuan range,iron chain requirements of higher prices from 30 yuan to 90 yuan range; small mortise lock door lock used for home, for the brand, style, material and other different prices vary from 60 yuan to 300 yuan are; medium plug core is of a cylinder lock, the door lock will be safer for some, more than the price of 120 yuan to 500 yuan between; more advanced the house door lock, whether products are high technology and quality, the price at 700 to between 3,000 yuan.

    The current lock on the market, Jiangmen, from Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhejiang origin more, most well-known brands of locks more formal and reassuring, although the higher prices, but sales are good. According to industry sources, from Zhejiang, lock, styles and shapes are quite attractive, but the quality is not as good as produced in Zhongshan, Guangzhou and other places in the lock, so when consumers buy not look outside the lock.

    Attractive appearance and unique handle.

    In the hardware products, handle the design is the most varied, although a simple function, but because of the characteristics of shape and allow consumers to resist, could not help pay for it.

    Mr. Hu, according to Cheung Hing introduced hardware store, from the color point of view, from the traditional stainless steel handle has a mirror color, the color and variety, such as black, bronze, light chrome, pearl nickel + lacquer, etc., have crystal translucent , there are dumb introverted, or publicity, or elegant. The expressive colors, for home, though only a little embellishment, but it has the most exquisite decoration. In style, now form a straight line, European-style rugged aluminum handle more popular, has a length of from 32mm to 384mm.

    Hu said some really creative handle prices are not too expensive, and sometimes even lower price than other brands, about between 3 to 20 yuan, more well-known brands such as Germany's day of factors, such as Italy, CAIM, the price will be relatively higher, but the higher price, style simple, beautifully designed. The match is also very particular about the handle, if a set of furniture on the existence of two different handle styles, the coordination of the United States will destroy furniture; furniture small door or drawer for a long time, the door or drawer handles should avoid strip , choose a smaller diamond or ring you can handle; if corner cabinet, should choose smart, style of furniture against the background of the new handle to the lively beauty.

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