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During the second five-import structure will be adjusted Hardware & Electrical

    Recently, the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the People's Bank of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Foreign Exchange Bureau in eight ministries jointly issued March 4 "on the" second five "active during the implementation of the Electrical and Mechanical product strategy of promoting the views of imports "(hereinafter referred to as" views ") said," Twelve Five "period, will implement a proactive strategy to promote imports of machinery and electronic products, electrical and mechanical products to promote structural adjustment.
   "Opinions" swing chain that "second Five-Year" period, imports of machinery and electronic products will vigorously promote the structure adjustment and optimization. Specifically, to support the strategic development of emerging industries, with a new generation of information technology, energy saving, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other strategic implementation of new industrial policy and industrial development needs related technologies to guide targeted and equipment imports. Increase support to encourage imports.

   "iron chain Opinions" that "five-second" period imports of electromechanical products to implement a proactive strategy to promote development objectives are: "Twelfth Five-Year" period, gradually increase the advanced technology and key equipment, key parts of the proportion of imports; to promote investment in imports goods, consumer goods and intermediate goods, the ratio of structure tends to be reasonable; meet the new generation of information technology, energy saving, new energy, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy and automobile industries and other key strategic emerging industries, the import demand ; trade surplus with major countries and regions, the momentum of rapid growth and effective relief.

    According to industry needs, adjust "to encourage imports of technologies and products directory"; combination of industrial development, and key industrial planning, timely adjustment "of domestic investment projects are not tax-free imported goods catalog" and "foreign investment projects are not tax-free imports Catalog, "the technical requirements gradually increase the duty-free goods. Efforts to increase financial support for imports. Study the establishment of advanced technology and equipment leasing and financing imports of modern circulation market. Procurement of badly needed support to leasing companies and advanced technology and equipment, leased to enterprises, especially SMEs. Establishment of second-hand equipment market, used equipment to promote the transfer of the formulation and circulation policy. Support enterprises set up overseas sourcing network and channels.

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