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Xiang Group is committed to funding tricyclic group or bathing axis

    Two years ago, the Group re-hsiang axis ring when the commitment to the latter group of not less than 300 million swing chain yuan investment, or termination of the Restructuring Agreement. From now on April 16 ended a few days remaining, this commitment has not yet honored. For this, regulators have been listed Xiang axis Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Group issued a regulatory letter.

    According to analysts familiar with the matter, even if the government is extremely dissatisfied with Yangyang,iron chain restructuring can not be terminated, "the short term impossible to find a new successor."

    But do not expect the injection of a reality. Ring Group as currently only about 100 million yuan investment, Xiang-axis for the construction of industrial parks. Press inquiries that, early in the reorganization, Xiangyang has been in the local high-tech city zoning land for new industrial park building. However, since the land barren.

    Clear that the restructuring agreement, if the investment is not in place, restructuring or termination. The number of days remaining in the commitment period of the case, how the end ring is unknown, refused to respond to all relevant aspects of the matter.

    High expectations were placed on this market, since more than three months after the announcement of the Restructuring Agreement, the Xiangyang bearing the highest stock price rose nearly 80%. Analysis indicated that the market optimistic about the Xiangyang bearing, on the one hand is a clear commitment ring cash investment after White, the other is based on the follow-up to inject operating assets to achieve the overall market's expectations.

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