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Experiential marketing is generally optimistic about the cabinet hardware industry

    Experiential marketing is to dream of what the consumers excited out, so that consumers can see later, to recognition which they want, the hidden inner feelings aroused.

    National cabinet companies make products from the early start to the overall museum experience at home, marking the cabinet industry a new marketing model - experiential consumption, it is "WYSIWYG" effect, will design, product integration and engineering support , seamless overall effect on the receiving end, swing chain the potential demand of consumers to make real changes in demand, and ultimately to improve the signing amount, the purpose of enhancing business performance. This is why experiential marketing in the industry is generally optimistic about the reasons.

    Consumer "inertia" needs help experiential marketing model development.

    Spurred the economic development needs for material and spiritual pursuit of continuous improvement, but also to let people in the consumer business has the effect of a "lazy" and that "inert" is mainly reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, consumers in the recognition a brand, other products for which there is a strong brand identity,iron chain is actually a "one-stop-shop" needs, and experiential marketing model is actually a kind of this model to explore the unconscious because the museum experience is mostly in the form of inter-model, which necessarily includes the full range of products under the brand of the combination of design; other hand, many consumers are re-renovated tired of the tedious details, and experiential marketing is the home improvement real way to show effects, effects virtual leap across to the real scene, so that consumers can experience their own "kitchen of the future." Lazy people, so that the brand has a larger space for development. The experiential marketing model is driving home the brand's business model changes.

    Cabinet industry spawned a new marketing model.

    Now, with the cabinet industry, the development of more mature, the whole kitchen as the cabinet industry, the direction of future efforts, but also reminders that many cabinet companies to find new marketing model to adapt to industry trends. The most obvious advantage of the whole kitchen is that all products are made of a high degree of interoperability and procurement systems, in a style as the main line running through the entire kitchen space, the kitchen environment to achieve a high degree of unity of style. In order to guide consumers, enterprises need a cabinet experience platform for consumers through experiential marketing experience to yourself what you really like, and this, cabinet companies can be informed consumers have those elements and style preferences, will the lives of consumers have some knowledge of the demand, so companies can be very good on the consumers of these elements of the kitchen space, the maximum to meet consumer demand.

    Rise of the cabinet industry cultural marketing - Experiential marketing starting point.

    With the cabinet companies pay more attention to brand image, brand differentiation is the core competitiveness of enterprises cabinet, this difference is mainly reflected in the cabinet business culture, the so-called brand culture is the brand personality, brand advocates maximum unfolded. The experiential marketing is the corporate culture reflects the difference between a very good way.

    Successful experiential marketing should have individual style and innovative integration of thematic Mapping. Only the theme to make the brand experience marketing to achieve a specific docking culture; only the theme, before it can develop brand differentiation culture demands concentration reflects the existence of perceptual extension of the brand, creating a unique brand of charm.

    Experiential marketing, the final analysis, business-to-end sales of cabinet changes, experiential marketing from the grasp of the overall height of corporate brand personality and strategy of the brand through the theme of the concept of multi-mission to transfer out of the side, so that the target customers have brand recognition and sensitivity, so that consumers feel this strategy and culture is reflected.

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