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2010, exports of Taiwan Machine Tool Industry Analysis Components

    January-December 2010, Taiwan exports of machine tool components 700 000 000 8,450 million, representing growth of 88.7% over the same period last year.

    Mainland and Hong Kong first, the amount of 300 million 6,027 million, accounting for 57.4% of exports, growth of 138% over the same period.

    U.S. Second,swing chain the amount of 5,304 million U.S. dollars, exports accounted for 6.8%, 39.3% growth over the previous year.

    Japan's third, the amount of 4,395 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 5.6% of exports, growth of 114% over the previous year.

    171% order growth in South Korea, Germany, grew 33.8%, 112% growth in India and Thailand grew 60.8%,iron chain 44.0% growth in Malaysia, Brazil grew 121%, 47.4% growth in Vietnam and so on. The top ten export markets, together accounting for exports of Taiwan's machine tool components 85.0%.

    In recent years, machine tool products are exported to Taiwan, but also promote the export of machine tool components, advanced countries such as USA, Japan, Germany, for the sake of reducing costs, has a large number of components used in Taiwan, while the newly industrialized countries and developing countries to enhance two- competitive machine tools, such as mainland China, India, Brazil, Thailand, etc., have multi-components for use in Taiwan. Taiwan has become the world except Japan, outside of Germany, the most important components of the machine tool supplier base

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