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Fastener News: "China fasteners are" Whispering Ningbo

    Bolt, screw, nut, these seemingly insignificant little part, in Ningbo, has become a ten billion yuan in output value of large industry. Recently, the "China fasteners are" Whispering Ningbo, Ningbo Adds a national industry "gold card."

    swing chain Fasteners are key components in the equipment manufacturing industry, and its level of development directly related to the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. After years of development, has formed a branch of Ningbo Fastener more complete, larger, has a competitive industrial system, is the most important production and export base fasteners.

    Fastener Industry Association, according to city data provided, the current size of the city has more than 168 fastener manufacturers, sales amounted to 17.1 billion last year, output of 160 million tons,iron chain accounting for about 27% of the country, exports 610 million U.S. dollars, 34 Main income of companies over a hundred million.

    Not only the largest in the nation, the innovative capacity of the fastener industry in Ningbo is also rising. Currently there are national industry-wide high-tech enterprise 7, two national laboratories, with 421 patents, and has a business to participate in international standard-setting, five of 23 enterprises to participate in the formulation of national standards.

    "'Twelve Five' period, Ningbo fastener industry will be relying on major equipment needs to further improve the industry concentration and innovation to achieve the industry from large to strong new leap forward." Association president Wang Wei at the recent awarding ceremony.

    It is reported that major breakthroughs in Ningbo Fastener products will use a large-scale wind power fasteners, high strength fasteners for automobile engines, rail transportation, and more than 350 kilometers per hour EMU fasteners and other fields.

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