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Fair advance orders soared domestics were looking Japanese construction and other industries must share

    "After the earthquake in Japan, our company orders from Japan grew by 8 times." Attend the 109th Canton Fair in Wuxi City, Gabriel Motor Co. Chairman Zhang Xiaodong in the interview with this reporter said so.

    I interviewed learned that Japan is China's largest importer, the fifth largest exporter, however,swing chain affected by the earthquake, Japan surge in demand for Chinese products, the trade deficit with Japan has long pattern may change this year. Huge imports.

    Exhibition hall.

    I saw an exhibition of Japanese companies.

    During the fair's International Pavilion, the Japanese exhibitors significant decline. I discovered yesterday, the huge exhibition hall, there are only importing a Japanese exhibitors.

    Zhang Xiaodong, due to the traffic inconvenience caused by the earthquake, the Japanese demand for bicycles and electric bicycles.iron chain "It's an exaggeration, an increase of 8 times last year, the company is in full production status, even if the overtime production, but also difficult to meet so many orders."

    Japan's second largest retailer TRIAL held yesterday in Canton Fair trade matching, and its procurement on behalf of Greater China Yu Bin said in the interview with this reporter, after the earthquake in Japan, a considerable part of the houses collapsed and damaged the Japanese domestic companies capacity is also drastically reduced, which makes large buyers of Japanese demand for Chinese products soared.

    According to reports, TRIAL Kanto region in Japan, the stores have emerged out of stock of the situation of various commodities, including drinking water, fast food, etc. out of stock the most obvious, such as drinking water, some plants are now a bottle of water, but can not find labels and caps. "We are sourcing from overseas accounted for 10%, and some shopping malls are full of local procurement, the supply is more scarce."

    Japan's recovery slow.

    The high cost of Chinese products.

    Yu Bin said that the Japanese earthquake recovery will be a very slow process, the future, TRIAL will increase the proportion of overseas procurement, overseas procurement this year, the proportion will be raised to 15%, while China will account for the company's overseas procurement of 73%. "Significant price advantage of Chinese products, we now have and more than 3,000 Chinese suppliers for cooperation, this time we will fight through more partners Canton Fair. We focus on the procurement of goods is the post-disaster reconstruction for home appliances, energy saving LED and other products, as well as residents of consumer goods, such as fresh produce (000,061), food, bicycle. "in the bin that the reconstruction of homes and commercial properties would allow the building materials and involution demand a blowout.

    "Our main water heaters and other small appliances," in the Fair Trade matching, Anhui exhibitors Xie said: "Originally, we told the Japanese side of the orders is not, after the earthquake, the Japanese demand suddenly increased by 30% to 50%.'ve never with this level of predators worked with large buyers in Japan, specifically to understand the situation today, hoping to seize the opportunity to fully enter the Japanese market. "

    Customs statistics show that Japan's trade deficit with China in 2010 was $ 55,650,000,000. Since 2002, the total trade deficit with Japan over 2000 billion U.S. dollars.

    Construction and other related industries expected to gain a share.

    Ministry of Commerce, International Trade and Economic Cooperation, said Mei Xinyu, researcher at the Institute, in addition to life needs, the Japanese also means that a huge earthquake reconstruction needs, and as the world's largest building materials, iron and steel producer, the largest country in the world construction market and top exporter of construction services, related industries in China is expected to derive a share.

    Mei Xinyu, a proposal, in order to give full play to our strengths related industries such as cheap and efficient services for the reconstruction of Japan, in addition to logistics, customs clearance, etc. to accelerate the implementation of trade facilitation, the need to push our government, especially the Japanese expansion project building to do more market access.

    Lowest design of the new domestics.

    In the export area and I have seen a smart Pavilion automatic vacuum cleaner, like a large disk, and run around on the ground, will turn an obstacle, go to step edges will be stopped, ran across the ground become clean. Automatic vacuum cleaner prices vary greatly. The pricing of domestic enterprises is 55 dollars, but imports, a Taiwan-funded enterprises exhibition has sold $ 80, expensive than domestic products, 5 percent.

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