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Parts plant suspended production at prices before and after May imperative

    Near the "May Day" Little Golden Week, a rumor spread throughout the automobile market: As the Japanese factories to temporarily suspend production, resulting in the domestic Japanese car brand core components, swing chain there interrupted the supply of imported vehicle, highlighting the contradiction between demand and supply of Japanese cars, price trend in the pipeline. The Japanese car prices, may lead some European and American cars follow-up, resulting in this year's "May Day" around the automobile market price will not be low.

    Japanese new car market, tight supply of vehicles in April.

    This reporter recently visited the automotive market in Guangzhou, the major learned rumors price the dealer has not yet caused significant impacts, including Dongfeng Nissan, the wide, wide abundance, FAW Toyota, Dongfeng Honda,iron chain including the common stock adequate Japanese brands, distribution Business profit sharing rate remained stable, only some of the models offer a slight retraction began.

    "Prices on the design, supply mainly depends on the manufacturers, but manufacturers say the next two months, the news of some models of components tight for sure." FAW Mazda (microblogging) told reporters the local dealer said that the current one Steam still using the stock Mazda factory parts, but 4 months or so will be tight, the Japanese headquarters has not been any specific news, "the recent horse 6, Rui-wing already tight supply."

    For the status quo, more Japanese car dealers worried about is that with the "May Day" golden week small car approaching season, once the OEM production can not be restored, or will make it missed sales opportunities.

    A Nissan dealer market department, told reporters: "We have discussed issues related meetings, sales consultants selling cars, it will also persuade consumers plan to purchase if the first half, then you should pay close attention in April time buyers, or the next situation, more difficult to say. "

    He said the joint venture is currently in the inventory there was still a certain brand of space, but to his knowledge, there are ample funds imported Japanese car dealers have been secretly "store goods", a small number of imported vehicles has been quietly tight prices.

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